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Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2017 video Watch Online on

Scene 1
Simar teaches anjali how too cook sweets. Anjali says how you do it. SImar says make the rounds with soft hands. Simar says when we are all together everything goes good. Saroj says in heart as if she can change anjali.

Piyush comes to room. He is very mad. He says why did you ruin my life Roshni. I feel so helpless. I can’t do anything for my vadahi. Roshni says in heart I should tell him about Vadahi and Khushi.
Anjali and everyone is cooking. Anjali says its so boring. She turns on music.
Saroj says anajali are floor matts here? Anjali says yes. They are in store. We will clean the temple first. Vikram says you handled all so well anjali. Saroj says yes it better for her as well.

Roshni says to Piyush I know this is a difficult situation but truth.. He says you better not talk about truth. Roshni says yes I will tell you truth. Truth is that.. She tells him what she saw. Roshni says I saw myself. They want to ruin your and your family life. Piyush says stop making these stories. Roshni says I am not lying. he says you can never say truth. You are blinded by hate. I don’t trust you at all. Roshni says even if you don’t but this is truth and you will realize too. I hope its not too late.

Uma and PAri bring food for everyone. Tao ji says dining table is inside. Vikram says we will sit on the floor and eat. Anjali says to Sanjev I made you favorite sweet corn soup. The rug gets stuck in sanjev’s wheelchair. Anjali tries to pluck it out. Simar helps her. SImar says I am so glad to see you this way. Right sanjev? My daughter is your daughter too now. SImar says I am so proud of you.

Scene 2
Roshni sleeps. Piyush recalls what Vadahi said. He sees Vadahi outside with a man. He touches her and holds her hand. Piyush runs downstairs and beats the man. He says how dare you touch vadhai. Roshni comes and stops him. Piyush sees the girl its not vadahi. The girl says why did you beat him? I will call police. he says I am sorry I thought its vadhi. Roshni says I am sorry. The woman says keep him locked. He is out of his mind. They leave.
Roshni says Piyush what is wrong with you. Come with me. Piyush says stay away from me. I hate you. The worst day of my life was when you came into it. Your tears wont melt me. Just get lost. Roshni goes back to hotel.

Scene 3
Piyush fell asleep on the bench near poolside. Guard wakes him up. Manager says don’t annoy him. Piyush says why is there so much police? He says our dancer madam laila is missing. Police is looking for her. Piyush says what.. He asks inspector did you find any clue? Inspector says who are you? Piyush says i am her friend. HE says girls like her have so many friends. Piyush says what do you mean. Inspector says let us work.

Anjali and Vikram welcome all the guests. Anjali has invited her friends too. Vikrma says I am glad you invited them. Give them company. Anjalu says I will welcome the guests here. He says I will handle here you go. Anjali says I love you.
Anjali comes to her friends. One says why so boring anajli? We will go for movie after it. Anjali says the program is so long. I want this all to be over.

Saroj is working. Simar says let me call anjali. Saroj says I don’t need her help. I mean she is handling everything outside. I will handle it here. Simar says you care for her like a mother. Saroj says God forbid to give me a daughter like her. ANjalu says tai ji I will help you. Saroj says you handle outside. Saroj says she will work outside. Saroj says in heart I won’t let her work in kitchen. Anjali goes out.
Anjali says to her friends we will go movie. Her friend says let it be. Anjali says she isn’t letting me in the kitchen. Anjali tells them the idea. Prem comes there.


Sasural Simar Ka 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : The pandits say it has so much salt and spice. We can’t eat it. Saroj says I made all the food, Pandit says don’t give it to poors as well.

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