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Sasural Simar Ka 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

Scene 1
Anjali leaves. Saroj says let her go nothing is more important than competition for her right now. He breaks a vase.
Piyush says I realized marrying roshni was the biggest mistake of my life and we should rectify our mistakes. Simar says marriage is not a mistake. She leaves.
Vadahi says will you leave me again? He says I will never repeat that mistake again. I will always be with you. Vadahi hugs him.

Anjali has to walk on ramp with Rahul. They are doing the rehearsals.
Simar calls Prem. He is abducted and ropes on a chair. Pooja’s husband picks his phine. simar is dazed. He says hello wife of my wife’s lover. She says Rishab? He says I don’t know what should I call you. Simar says where is Prem? He says where he should be. In he hell.

Simar is dazed. Simar says you can’t do that. He says send my daughter Radha to me otherwise I will send your whole family to hell. I will call you again.
Mataji is reading geeta to Radha. Simar says mataji no matter what happens keep her with you. Matji says where are you going? sImar says I am coming.

Vikram arrives at the center. Guards don’t let him in. Vikram says I will go inside. He beats the guards.
The show starts. Anjali comes on stage with Rahul holding his had. Vikram shouts anjali.. She leaves Rahul’s hand. Vikram comes on stage. Everyone is dazed. Vikram says I told you., Rahul says you are driver don’t forget your worth. Vikram punches him and says I am not her driver. Anjali says what is wrong please control your anger. Everyone is here. Please come with me. Vikram says no. Neeli says what is all this? Anjali says I am very sorry. I will handle this. Anjali says please Vikram please go from here. Vikram shouts shut up. You have to come home with me otherwise I am not going from here. Anjali says please try to understand. He says you have made fun of our relationship. Anjali says please a lot of people are here. vIkram says you only think about yourself. Your dreams your aims? what about me? You are selfish. Neeli says enough. Who is this man anjali? Vikram says answer her anjali. Tell everyone truth. Anjali is silent. Vikram says are you ashamed to be with me? You forgot your relationship? You forgot you have another name attached with yours which is your identity.Neeli says what are you saying? Vikram says yes she is Mrs. Anjali Vikram and I am her husband Vikram.

Scene 2
Simar comes to police station. Constable says comissioner is busy. She says its about someone’s life. Simar says please its urgent. He says you have to wait.
Vikram says she lied to be part of this competition. Neeli says what the hell. Vikram shows them their wedding photo. Everyone is dazed. Vikram says now you have to come anjali. he goes out.

Vadahi says to raju put Piyush’s clothes in my room because that is where he lives. Roshni is silent. Amar and Jhanvi come to her. Jahnvi says don’t worry we are with you. Amar says we have a plan to kick this vadahi out. He shares the plan with her. ROshni smiles and gives him high five.

Neeli says anjali you fooled us. Get out. Anjali says please madam.. Neeli says I told you if your fraud if you lie you will never have a career. You career is over. Now go from here before I call security. Donn’t ever be seen near this center. Anjali leaves in tears.


Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Thugs come in Bharadwaj house. They say give us radha or we will shoot this mataji. Piyush brings Radha.

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