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Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Anjali is worried. She says how will I return bank lone? What will they do if I don’t. She hears noise. There is media on the door.
Vikram stops them. He says this is our house. Reporter says we have to talk to anjali. Tao says calm down. Anjali comes and says why is media here? She says whats the matter. Reporter says what do you wanna say about your and sam’s video. Its viral everywhere. Anjali says what? Vikram says what Anjali? Anjali says what video? What rubbish is this? The reporter shows her hugged him and entered his room. Anjali held his hand and said I am sorry. Reporter says you blamed him yet you were tempting him. To get that contract. Anjali says shut up. This is all lie. Sam planned all this. Reporter says did you tell your husband about it?

Did you know vikram your wife can do all this for this contract? Vikram is silent. Anjali says enough. Get out of my house.
Reporter says you can’t talk to us like this. You get things the other way, but we work hard. God knows what you did to win that competition. Anjli says enough okay. Get out of here. She closes the door. Vikram almost faints. Sanjev says control yourself. Saroj says we have been ashamed in the society.

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Scene 2
Piyush tries to break the chains. Ridhima picks the sword. She is about to stab. Mataji cries and says please don’t do this to my PiyJush. His stomach bleeds. Piyush takes it out. He throws it away. Everyone is scared. He says i am kaal. no one can stop me. I will destroy this world. But first I will kill this Ridhima.
Simar is running there. Ridhima ties him again. She picks her sword and says this pure sword is enough to kill you Kaal. Mataji says no. She is about to stab Simar holds the sword with her hand. She throws it away. Simar says how dare you. You lied to me to kill my son? Ridhima says a mother can’t see her child dying. I had no other way. We have to kill Kaal. Simar says Piyush is my son. Uma says what if he kills us?

Vikram says to Annjali you have no shame left. She says yes I have no shame. I didn’t do anything wrong. I went there because 18 crores matter. But not the way they are showing. That sam has trapped me. Vikram says you gave him the chance. I am telling you again this way is not right. You will lose everything. Anjali says shut up. Stop it okay. i am Anjali. I am don’t give up okay. You will and so will everyone else how I succeed. I will prove myself again. I don’t need anyone’s help not even yours.

Ridhima says we have to stop him or he will kill everyone. Kaal comes in his real form. Everyone is dazed and scared. He is giant.
Mataji falls out of circle. Kaal walks towards her. Everyone is scared. Aarav pulls her inside. Strong winds blow. Everyone is falling here and there.
Simar says i dont’ know what to do God. Ridhima says please stop him. You have to save everyone. Simar says you are right. Piyush had to die for Kaal to die. Simar recalls her moments with Kaal.

Roshni is running there. She falls down and her hand bleeds. She says I wont’ let anything happen to you Piyush. I am coming.
Simar says you can’t harm my family. i will stand in front of them. Kaal says you can’t save them. you gave birth to Kaal. I stayed in your womb for 9 months. Nothing can stop me now. Simar throws sindur at him. It doesn’t affect him. Ridhima says only you can kill him. Please kill him. Simar says the same mom who gave you birth will kill you. I won’t repeat the same mistake. I will kill you. Tonight is your last night. This is my promise to my motherhood.
Simar picks the trishun. She stabs Kaal. Suddenly he disappears. Simar is dazed.


Sasural Simar Ka 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaal becomes Piyush. Piyush says ma what are you doing? You will kill your son? Simar says you are Kaal. He laughs. Simar stabs him. Roshni comes there. She says I can’t live without Piyush and stabs herself too.

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