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Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2017 watch online Episode on

Scene 1
Aarav says men regret marrying once and Piyush is marrying the same girl twice. Everyone laughs. He brings Roshni and Piyush on floor. They dance bolna hanlky halky. Ananiya’s camera is watching everything. That woman is watching. Everyone enjoys. She says be happy for the last time Piyush.
Mataji comes on the floor nachday nay saray.. Ananiya and Aarav join the floor. Pari and Shalu come on the floor as well. Jhanvi and amar join as well. Everyone enjoys dancing together. Vikram says to Anjali lets dance. Anjali says I dont’ feel like I am tired. A girl comes and says madam a selfie please. She says sure. Anjali says Vikram you go dance.
Simar asks the caretaker to dance. She says I? Simar says yes go and enjoy. She dances with everyone and is about to fall.

Vikram holds her. Anjali says what is happening. Vikram says nothing she fell.
Radha is playing with kids. A woman says is she the same girl? Prem’s illegitimate child. Mataji overhears and says why did you bring her here? Anjali says everyone is enjoying I can’t leave her in room.

Scene 2
The sangeet is over. Aarv shows Ananiya her room. He says you danced so well. She says I know. He says you are my choice after all. She says where is Piyush’s room. We should ask if he needs something. Aarav says leave that. Aarav says you need to decide what will I wear in the evening? She says sure. SImar comes in and asks Ananoiya is you need something? She says no no. I will ask you if I need something. I am very frank.

Everyone is busy in decorations. Vikram says to Aarv I am going to get ready.
Ananiya asks jhanvi to let her make rangoli. She says arrav tell them i make pretty rangoli. He says she is good at it. Jhanvi says okay then come and make rangoli.
Ananiya spreads some black powder around the mandap. She covers it with petals. Jhanvi comes and says why are you making rangoli here? She says no no I was cleaning and decorating a bit. Jhanvi says you don’t need to do it. Make the rangoli. Ananiya says its done. Jhanvi says its pretty.
Ananiya says on call its done. I have made the circle around mandap. as soon as piyush sits there you can start your work.

Scene 2
Vikram says you look so good vikram. Piyush says thank you. Aarav says let me put kala teeka on you.
Simar dresses up Roshni. She applies kala tekka on her and says God save you from ebery bad eye. Rita comes and says its special day for us Roshni. Today I can see you in a bridal dress. Sumit says this is only because of you Simar ji. Thank you. SImar says don’t thank me. All the credit goes to Roshni’s efforts. She always had confident in her love.

Simar welcomes all the guests. Anjali is wearing a gown. Uma says anjali your dress is so pretty. ANjali says thanks its very expensive. Mataji asks Simar why are saroj and family not here? Simar says they didn’t want to come but I convinced them. Saroj and taoji come. Mataji and Simar welcome them. Simar says we are so glad that you came. Saroj says we had to come.
Anjali says to saroj you have no self respect you came to our function. Simar says they are my guests and I invited them. If you misbehave with them I wont tolerate. Anjali says fine I don’t care.


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