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Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Sasural Simar Ka you will watch Thugs come in Bharadwaj house. They say give us radha or we will shoot this mataji. Piyush brings Radha. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

Scene 1
Raju comes to Vadhai’s room and throws all the shoes there. Vadhai says what is this? Roshni says you said you wanted all of Piyush’s stuff here. Roshni says bring Piyush’s dirty and gym clothes here as well. Rajuy stuffs her rooms. Roshni says see you have all of his stuff. Amar and Jhanvi smile.

Simar is is police station. She says you are sending everyone inside but me? Its about someone’s life. I will meet the commissioner myself. Constable says you can’t go in. The lady police shove her aside. The commissioner says stop. Simar says I had been waiting here to meet you since morning, I am Prem’s bharadwaj’s wife. He says leave her and send her in my room. Simar tells him everything. Simar says some of your people are with them. He says don’t worry. I have my most honest officer in this case. Simar says he is behind Radha. Please catch reshab. He says don’t worry.

Mataji is waiting for simar home. sankalp says her phone is off as well. Some thugs come in the house. Everyone gets shocked. They say who are you.. The thugs say we want radha. They grasp Mataji and say we will shoot her bring Radha. Mataji says Piyush don’t tell the. I promised simar. Thugs says before I kill this old woman give us radha. He counts.. Mataji says no one will tell about radha even if I die. Piyush says she is upstairs I will bring her. Mataji says please don’t do this Piyush; We have to protect her. Piyush says its better that she leave this house. He brings Radha downstairs. The thugs take her. Mataji cries and says I won’t let them take Radha. Piuyush stops Mataji. Rajhinder syas please Piyush save her. Piyush says she is nothing to us. Roshni says how will you answer simar ma? Radha is her responsibility. If she gets to know you gave her away how will she forgive herself?

Piyush goes out and tries to stop the thugs. they beat him. Everyone comes out to kelp them. Mataji beats them with broom stick. Piyush sees one of them running with radha. He picks her up. Police comes and arrests them all. Simar comes and she is dazed. sImar says who are these people? Roshni says they came to take Radha. Piyush saved her. Radah says where were you aunty? I was so scared. SImar says everyone was here with you. Mataji says to Roshni made piyush realize that its important to save radha. Piyush says I would have saved anyone. I did that for humanity. He goes inside.

Scene 2
Tao ji says to Vikrma you promised her you will be with her in her dream. Saroj says what about anjali? She always misused Vikram’s love. You can’t blame vikram. She always insulted him. What Vikram did was totally right. Anjali comes with her bag.

Mataji comes to Simar’s room and says I know what happned was really scary. Simar is crying. MAtaji says what happened? Simar hugs her. Simar says I don’t know where prem is. Mataji says what will happen now. Simar says police said they will find him. Roshin comes and tells simar police is here.

Tao ji says what is this anjali? please don’t do all this. What happened shouldn’t have. Saroj says Vikram I will always stand by you.


Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : police tells simar prem is no more in this world. everyone is shocked. Simar says this is not right. He gives her prem’s shirt and wallet. Simar screams.

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