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Sasural Simar Ka 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Simr stabs him he becomes Piyush. Simar stops. He says what were you doing ma. I am not Kaal. I am your son. Please don’t do this. I am stuck in all this. Save me from Kaal please. Ridhima says he is fooling you he is Kaal not Piyush please kill him. Simar says I don’t know what to do. Please help me God.
Roshni is on her way. She says I am coming to save you Piyush.

Piyush says ma I am your son. I know you will choose me over these people. People please kill me. Simar recalls Piyush said ma if you have to kill me please do. Simar says no you are not my Pioyush. You are kaal. He smiles. Simar says you have hurt a mom. I will not leave you. A mother will punish you today. You have to die. She stabs him. He disappears.
Simar sees so many of Piyush. Ridhima says only one of them is real. You can stab once only. Please kill the real one. Simar says I have to do something. Ridhima reads a mnatra and all of them disappear. sImar stabs Kaal. He screams. He falls down.

Simar screams Piyush.. My child. I am sorry. He is taking his last breaths. He says ma don’t be sad. You did right. Roshni comes and sees all this. She is dazed. Piyush says you did right. He dies. Roshni screams. She says Piysuh open your eyes. Someone please call an ambulance. she cries and sobs. She says ma how can you do this. How can you kill your son. He was the son for whom you stayed away from your family. Mataji how can you do this. You all promised me to bring him back. You killed him. You all did this. You all have fooled me.MAtaji you lied to me and sent me to that temple so you all can kill hijm. Mataji says its not like that. Roshni says that is how it is. See your son he is dead there. There is only one way. I will kill myself too.

She picks a knife. She says I will kill myself. Simar stops her. she says I lost my son I can’t lose my daughter. Roshni hugs her. They both sob and cry. Roshni looks at Piyush. She sits with him. Simar screams. she says God I have lost my son. I killed my own son. she hits the ground. she says I gave him life and killed him. You have to answer me. Roshni hugs Piyush and cries. Roshni cries and says Piyush open your eyes please. she touches his heart. Suddenly roshni is shocked. Roshni says ma see this. There is light in his chest. everyone is dazed. His wound fills. Piyush coughs. simar says Piyush my son open your eyes.

Ridhima says how can this happen. This is a miracle. Piyush sits up. Simar hugs him. He says Roshni.. Roshni opens her eyes. Mataji says God returend you to us. Piyush says what are we doing here? simar says you are out of that Kaal’s control. Roshni says that Kaal is gone. Everyone is happy. Simar says thank you God for giving me my son back. Simar hugs him.


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Scene 2
Anjali says Tina you don’t know whom you have messed up with. You are behind all this. You will have to pay back for this.
Police comes and says there is an arrest warrant for Anjli. Vikram says what? He says she is defaulter of bank. They have sued her.


Sasural Simar Ka 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar says thanks to Ridhima. She says lets start anew. I mean Aarav and Ananiya’s wedding. Pari says stop. I will not let my son marry her.
Aarav says what are you saying. Pari says ridhima does magic. I won’t let you marry in people like these.

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