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Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 18th March 2017 video watch online on 

In this episode of Sasural Simar Ka you will watch police tells simar prem is no more in this world. everyone is shocked. Simar says this is not right. He gives her prem’s shirt and wallet. Simar screams. Stay Tune with us .

Scene 1
Simar asks Prem did you find out anything? He says I am sorry but Prem is not in this world anymore. Everyone is crying and sits in tears. Piyush says ma please control yourself. Simar says this is not truth. He gives her Prem’s shirt and says we found this burned wallet and shirt near the body. Simar realizes that was the shirt prem was wearing. She starts sobbing.
Simar says this can’t be the truth. Mataji cries. Simar says mataji don’t cry. I am here. I am alive this means he is alive as well. No one will console me. Prem promised me he will come back. I am alive that means he is alive. Simar says Prem promised me he will never leave me alone. He promised me that in front of God. Inspector says in two days we will have the forensic report and we will know whose corpse it is.

Scene 2
Vikram says why are you leaving the house for such a small issue? Anjali says it was about my whole life. My career is ruined. That Neeli and everyone was insulting me there. Just because of you. Vikram says what about my insult? Anjali says I knew my heart felt like crying when people called you driver. I didn’t do anything intentionally. But you did everything is your senses. Didn’t you know everything already? You forced me to be part of the competition. She is leaving. Vikram says stop. Anjali says there is no point in talking. Your small issue is in injury that I will never recover from. I have to leave this house. I can’t stay here for a moment. Tao ji says Anjali he did a mistake. I know. Anjali says I really respect you but please don’t try to stop me. I can’t. Please let me go. Anjali leaves. Saroj says wait stop don’t leave like this. Anjali says you are trying to stop me? When I know you are behind all this. This is all because of you don’t do this drama. Vikram says enough how dare you talk to tai ji like this? She always supported you. Anjali says to Saroj you won right? Many congratulations. Anjali gets a call and says what? The bag drops from her hands. Vikram says what happened? Who was it? Anjali says dad.. She starts crying. Anjali says my dad.. She sobs.

Simar lits the candle in temple. She says this is the test of my faith.Anjali comes in the house. Winds blow, SImar saves the candle. Simar says nothing happened to my Prem ji. I know that. Did you see mataji? The candle didn’t blow. I don’t wanna hear this anymore because that is not the truth. Simar says I know that prem is alive and until we are sure about that I wont eat or drink anything. She puts her hand on the flame.
Saroj says to Simar God won’t disappoint you. Vikram says tai ji is right. When we don’t have the report we can’t say anything. We have a hope alive and we shouldn’t be sad. Saroj says take care of yourself. She says we should leave. Vikram says inform us if there is any news. Vikram says lets go Anjali. Anjali doesn’t move. She looks at Mataji. Anjali says I need to talk to you. She goes aside with Vikram. Vikram says please don’t say you won’t come with me. Anjali says I wanna go there but unless Tai ji is there I won’t come there. That is my only condition. I won’t tell anyone if I stay here. No one would question. He says you know this is impossible. Anjali says then don’t hope that I will come back to that house. Anjali says Mataji I wanna stay here with all of you for some days. Mataji says saroj can she? Saroj says yeah sure.
She should stay here with you people in this critical moment. Anjali sits down and hugs simar. Vikram and saroj leave.


Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piyush says this girl is not part of this house pandit ji so don’t point raksha sutra on her wrist. Simar says she has blood of Prem ji. Pandit ji says who else is left? Simar says Piyush. Piyush says Vadahi too. Mataji says Vadhi is not part of this family. Simar says she won’t have raksha sutra. And thats final.

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