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Sasural Simar Ka 19th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Simar says to Roshni you two have to trust and talk to each other. Roshni says I wanted to tell you something. Piyush says what false story will you tell my mom now? She says Vadahi is after her and she wants to harm her. Simar says how can Vadahi do that. Piyush says she has to accuse others. I am 100% she is behind Vadahi’s kidnap. SImar says thats not right. Piyush say she is still missing. This is all because of this Roshni. Tell me where is Vadahi? Roshni says I don’t know. Simar says leave her. You don’t know how to behave? You have no proofs against her. she is your wife. Piyush says thats my bad luck. His phone rings. Piyush says what.. He says okay I am coming. He leaves.

Vikram says to Anjali its not that easy. If you have any doubts. she says I don’t doubt. Don’t worry. Servant gives her coffee. She is about to drink it. Saroj comes and says stop anjali your fast has started. Vikram says I forgot too. Anjali says but I can take coffee tea etc? Saroj says in this fast you can’t even have water. I have written all the rules here. Read it thoroughly. Anjali reads I can’t take water, food or fruits. Before night I can eat kichri without salt and water and take a glass a water. And can’t eat after it till next day’s sunset. If you can’t eat at sunset time then I will wait have to till next day. Saroj says now you will remember. Vikram says I will remind her don’t worry. Vikram says Anjali are you scared? She says not at all.

Scene 2
Piyush comes to hospital. Vadahi is admitted there. He says you were found behind resort fainted and injured. What happened there that night? Piyush says roshni called and asked me to be there. She said she wanted to apologize me. I went there. Piyush says what did she do? Roshni says she accused me of trying to come back to your life. When I said no she attacked me and throttled me. She said stay away from Piyush. I tried running from there. I slipped and my head hit the rock. I fainted and woke up here. Piyush says Roshni stooped so low. Inspector says we have to take statement. He asks Laila who attacked you? Vadahi says no one. I sleep walk. Maybe thats how ended up near lake. He says are you saying that in any pressure? Vadahi says not at all. This is the truth. He says why did we find this bangle near the lake? Vadahi says I don’t know that. Police leaves.
Piyush says why did you lie? Vadahi says I don’t want to drag it more. Roshni is your wife and daughter in law of Bharawaj house. This will defame your family and I won’t do that. Piyush says don’t worry. I will take care of you. you don’t have to work either. Vadahi says I told you I don’t need your help. Talk to Vadahi and tell her I wont come between you and her. Piyush says I will talk to her. He leaves.

Piyush comes home and shouts Roshni where are you? Everyone comes in hall. Prem says what happened? Piyush says let her come. Roshni comes Piyush slaps her. Everyone is dazed. Piyush says she did what she has been doing. She attacked Vadahi and tried to kill her. Mataji says thats not possible. Piyush says I talked to vadahi. She told me what truth is. He tells them what vadahi said. Piyush says she can do anything. Roshni says I didn’t do anything. I am not lying? Piyush so vadahi is lying? how dare you say that. He is about to slap her again. Simar stop him and says this is not the way. Mataji says calm down first. Let Roshni speak. Roshni says I agree I went to meet her. Piyush says see. SImar says let her speak. Roshni says Piyush had a fight with someone in resort. I tried stopping him I was really upset. I was going to my room. I saw Vadahi and I thought I should talk to her. Vadahi was plucking petals.. saying Piyush love me, piyush loves me not. When Roshni came Vadahi says Piyush loves me. She said Roshni you won. You took my love from me. Roshni said say whatever you want. But truth is that what happened was in Piyush’s hand not mine. Circumstances.. Vadahi said you created those circumstances. You did what you could. This is my turn now. You really want Piyush in your life right? See. What did you get? You have sindur of his name and this mangalsutra. But he still isn’t your husband. Because he only loves me. You will crave for his love all your life. One day you will regret what you did. You will regret loving him and I will win that day. Roshni says I was really scared. I packed my bag and came home. Piyush says stop fooling us. You ran from there because you tried killing Vadahi. Roshni says I am not lying. Piyush says then what was your bangle doing near the lake. Vadahi told me it broke when you were trying to kill her.
Roshni says I never attacked her. She recalls she slipped when she talked to Vadahi. Roshni says I slipped. Piyush says you think I will trust you? Anyone would trust you here? Look in their eyes. Roshni is sobbing. She says choti ma please. You know I am not lying. Mataji please trust me. Piyush says enough. Get out of my house. Amar says what are you saying? Piyush says just get lost. Piyush says stop fooling my family. Prem says calm down Piyush. Piyush says papa she will betray us all again. Just get out of this house.
Roshni says please Piyush don’t do this. Piyush says get out. Roshni says choti ma I am not lying. Please talk to Piyush. Piyush says I will kick you out of this house. No one trusts you here. He is throwing her out of the house. Simar says I trust her. Piyush stops. Simar says Piyush roshni is our daughter in law and she has some dignity. I won’t let you insult her. Piyush says what dignity? KB was the daughter in law of this house as well. You shoved her out of the house. sImar says because we had proofs against her and you don’t. Mataji says you don’t know Kb at all. Don’t compare Roshni to KB. Piyush says Vadahi told me what roshni did. SImar says I don’t care about what Vadahi said. I trust Roshni. Piyush says I can’t believe this you are taking her side? She only fooled us. Simar says please calm down. We will sit and talk. Piyush says there is nothing left to say. You want to keep her here? But I wont take burden of this relationship anymore.

Precap-Piyush says to Roshni locking in the other direction won’t hide your emotions. and I care for you that is why I brought something. He shows her the papers. Piyush says I took this house on rent for you. Vadahi says I don’t need your favors. He says please accept this as my repentance. Vadahi says okay. he leaves. Kb comes in. Vadahi shows her the key.

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