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Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Sasural Simar Ka you will watch Piyush says this girl is not part of this house pandit ji so don’t point raksha sutra on her wrist. Simar says she has blood of Prem ji. Pandit ji says who else is left? Simar says Piyush. Piyush says Vadahi too. Mataji says Vadhi is not part of this family. Simar says she won’t have raksha sutra. And thats final.Stay Tune With us for more Written Updates.

Scene 1
Pandit ji comes Bharadfwaj house. He says everyone should have raksha stura on their wrists and then do the pooja together. Mataji says all right. He starts binding Raksha sutra on everyone’s wrists. Simar brings Radha. Piyush says she is not part of this family. Simar says she has blood of Prem as well. She is a part of us. Pandit ji ties raksha sutra on Radha’s hand. He says who else is left? Simar says Piyush. Piyush says and Vadahi too. They both extend their wrists. Simar says this can’t happen. Piyush says if this illegitimate child is part of this house then why not Vadahi? Roshni says what are you saying. He says you just shut up. Simar says you can’t talk to Roshni like this. Piyush says then ask her to stay out of this matter.

Rajhinder says what is your relationship with this Vadahi? Mataji says she has not even any humanity left. She didn’t even come to save Radha. Piyush says we learn what our elders taught us. Simar is about to slap him. She says Vadahi won’t have raksha sutra. Piyush says then I won’t either. Vadahi says no Piyush. She goes. Piyush goes after her and says Vadahi stop. Please listen. She says I have been insulted every moment ever since I came here. You brought me here. Its your responsibility to take care of me. I will leave this house. I have self respect.

Scene 2
Tao ji says to Vikram you have bring her home. Vikram says she won’t come back. Tao ji says but why? Vikram says but she has a condition. He tells them everything. Saroj says where will I go without my son? Vikram says please don’t cry tai ji. Don’t worry you won’t go anywhere. I can’t leave my family. Saroj hugs him. She says in heart that Anjali won’t ever come back here.

Roshni is in her room she recalls how Piyush insulted her. piyush comes there with Vadahi. HE grasps her wrist and says what do you want? Why do you sent all my stuff to her room? What do you want to prove? simar comes and says Piyush leave her wrist. Piyush says you don’t in between ma. Simar says this is not your personal matter. She is our daughter in law. Roshni is my daughter. And you can’t behave this way with her. Piyush says just like you have papa’s illegitimate child in this house? You can’t follow your own rules. Enough. And you Roshni you won’t annoy Vadahi after today. Got it? Lets go Vadahi. He leaves.
Simar hugs Roshni. Roshni is crying and sobbing.

Tao ji is packing his stuff. He says I can’t see Vikram upset. You are never sorting your matters with roshni. Saroj says I will never leave my own house. Tao ji says we have lived our lives now we should let our kids live theirs. Vikram coms in and says what are you saying tao ji? Taoji says you and Anjali are incomplete without each other. Vikram says I won’t let you go.Tao ji says we want to see you happy together. I know that your happiness is with Anjali. Vikrma says you are right but I will go back there and talk to her and bring her back here. please you two won’t leave this house.

Simar comes downstairs. Her head hurts and she about to faint. Mataji holds her. Mataji says bring juice for her. Roshni brings juice. Simr says I won’t drink it. Mataji says you have been hungry since last night. You need energy to fight this situation. Mataji asks Amar to call commissioner and ask about report. Mataji asks about the report. He says I will let you know as soon as the report is ready. Radha comes and holds Simar’s hand. She says why are you upset. Mataji says nothing. Come I will make you something tasty.

Scene 3
Vikram comes to meet Anjali. Anjalu says I said what I had to. He says won’t you understand? Simar comes in and says what happened again? anjali says nothing.. Simar says I asked Vikram. Vikrma says ANjali said she won’t come home until Tai ji leaves that house. Simar is dazed. Simar says what is this ANjali? Simar says mama I applied everything you told me. I did everything possible but Tai ji never changed. she still wants to separate me and Vikram. I can’t live in that house anymore with her and my decision is final. She goes out. Simar says to Vikram I will talk to her. Vikram says no leave her alone for some time. Did you get any news about dad. Simar says the report is not ready yet. He says don’t worry everything will be fine. he leaves.

Scene 4
Vadahi comes to kitchen. Roshni says you are a guest here. What are you doing in kitchen then? Anyway let me do my house’s work. Vadahi makes Roshni trip and the food falls. Vadhai says you keep this kitchen and this house. I have what I wanted. You have this house, family and you know what I have? Piyush’s love. What you think? I am an outsider? Then I challenge you, in 24 hours I will have this raksha sutra in my hand too. Keep in mind.

Tao ji says to Vikram I know you won’t have talked to her properly. Saroj says if she doesn’t want to come here then okay. She better stay there. Tao ji says how can you say that? Tao ji says we will leave this house? Vikram says no you won’t. Tao ji says I am getting tickets and we will leave today. Sanjev looks at him in tears.

Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali says I am back here but I have three conditions, first is the division of this house. Saroj says are you out of your mind? Anjali says my second condition is that Tai ji will never talk to Vikram.

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