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Sasural Simar Ka 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Vikram says you have no shame. You are comparing dad’s expense with your party? I thought you have changed because you were genuinely taking care of dad. But you can never change. You only think of yourself. Tai ji was right that you can never change. You are so self centered. He returns her watch and wallet. Vikram leaves.
Anjali says that simar was right I should have listened to her. Why didn’t I listen to her? I am so stupid. All my efforts are in vain.
Anjali comes to simar’s room and says I should have listened to you. Do you read hearts? How do you do this? simar says I don’t read hearts I try to understand people. I have no magic. I have experience. Everyone is not same. Its not necessary that things you like are liked by others too. Anjali says I don’t know what everyone’s life. Simar says right intentions remember? When you can figure sanjev’s likes why can’t you find Vikram’s? Think how will you make his day now? Anjali says but its already ruined. Simar says I can help you. Anjali says done please. Simar tells her the plan. Anjali holds her hand and says thank you. Simar says express your emotions for him today. Go start preparing. Anjali says right. She says I am taking these advises because they help me. Not that everything is not good between us. She leaves. Simar says at least its a start. You asked for my help. this is your first step towards me. I know the distance between us will be bridged.

Sumit says roshni sit down he will come. Rita says she has been standing on the door. Please call simar and ask her where is he? Roshni says please papa. Sumit calls Simar. He says I called to ask if Piyush is coming? Simar says in heart what should I say? I should tell him Piyush won’t come. Simar says actually.. Sumit says Piyush you.. He says Piyush has just reached.

Scene 2
Roshni blindfolds Vikram and says please stand here in the balcony. He says what are you doing? Where are you going? He takes off his blindfolds. The place is all decorated here. Anjali sings mein tenu samjhawa ki. Piyush comes close to her and caresses her face. Everyone comes and congratulates him. Piyush says thank you so much.

Piyush says I don’t want to eat anything. Please ask Roshni to hurry up. Sumit says drink water at least. Piyush says I am your son in law. I am waiting outside in the car. Come fast. He leaves.
Roshni says Piyush has a meeting thats why he is in a hurry. Rita hugs her and says take care. Sumit says always remember what I told you. She leaves.
Sumit says rita have we made a mistake? I am so worried. Rita says everything happens for good. We did what any parents would. Sumit says I hope he keeps her happy. Rita says Roshni is his wife now.

Everyone wishes Vikram. Anjali says I found all these decorations in the house. SImar and Jhanvi bua made the dinner. Jhanvi says lets cut the cake. Jhanvi says we helped anjali but she made this cake. Doesn’t it look so good? Sankalp says where is Piyush? SImar says he went to pick Roshni. Vikram says we should wait for him. Simar says no no don’t. Lets cut the cake.
Vikrma blows the candle, Anjali says wish first. He wishes something. Everyone sings happy birthday. Vikram says its not cutting. Jhanvi says you quite overbaked it. Everyone giggles. Vikram cuts the cake and says it is so good. He is about to make anjali eat.. Anjali says papa tao ji and tai ji first. He makes them eat and then anjali and everyone. Sankalp says it is so tasty. Anjali has changed she is doing house chores. Jhanvi says lets have dinner. Everyone enjoys the dinner. Prem says it is very tasty. Tao ji says yes it is so good.
Tao ji says we can see all your efforts anjali. You planned it so well. saorj says in heart are they all blind? This is all anjali’s drama. Before she fools vikram again i have to warn him. But where is he? She looks for him. Simar sees her going.

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-

Anjali hugs Vikram. Saroj says how can she change this much she is fooling everyone. Simar says anjali has proved you wrong thrice. Only one last quality is left.

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