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Sasural Simar Ka 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Chiragh comes downstairs and plays with his toys. Vidya says today I will make him angry. Vidya says chiragh.. He says lets go to birthday party. Vidya says we are not going. He says I want to go. Vidya shouts and says you have become so stubborn. She ties him to chair. Chiragh says leave me mummy please. What have I done. Viday says you are stubborn. No more parties or going to school. Suddenly chiragh’s eyes turn red. He says leave me. Release me from these ropes. He shouts. Lights start sparking. Vidya is scared. Chiragh breaks the ropes and stands up. Vidya says you think I will be scared of all this? I am laughing. You are a drama. I will see what can you do. Your hands are shivering. See your are scared. Chiragh looks at her angrily. Vidya says what can you do? Chiragh picks up a knife. Vidya says so you will kill me? you will kill your mom? The mom who gave birth to you.

Chiragh moves towards her. Vidya falls down. She says come on kill me. Chiragh raises the knife. Vidya sings the lullaby. Chiragh suddenly stops. He is about to stab her but throws the knife away and looks in other direction. Vidya says I am standing in front of you. Looks like you are scared of me. Chiragh breaks things and says I can’t kill you. I love you. Vidya hugs him and calms him down. Vidya says you could hurt me but you didn’t. You broke things but didn’t hurt me at all. Why? Churagh says you are my mom. How can I kill you?
Vidya says in heart I will make my son a better person. Please don’t reveal his truth. Everyone arrive outside. viday says how did they come? They will ask what is all this? She hides the ropes and knife. Diwan and everyone enter. They see stuff broken.

Diwan says what is all this? Who did this? Manjila says you two were going to a birthday party what are you doing home? Diwan says yes Vidya? Manjila says Chiragh how did all this happen? Chiragh says sorry I did all this. Diwan says you did? But why? Chiragh says because mummy didn’t take me to birthday party so I was angry. Diwan says why did you change your plan Vidya? Vidya leaves. Shanaya says I have been noticing. She had been behaving weird. Shiela says its okay it happens sometimes. Manjila says don’t worry. We will make chiragh happy. You are angry because mummy didn’t take you to party. I will get you ice cream and new clothes. Chiragh says lets go now. Manjia says we will go tomorrow. I will read you a story right now.

Paresh says to Diwan talk to Vidya. Ask her if there is any problem?
Diwan comes to room. He says you promised her you will take him to party and didn’t. Why did you do that? Why are you not answering. Are you hiding something? She says no. He says why are you not telling me clearly then? You know you and chiragh are my life. Why are you behaving this way with chiragh? Vidya says my silence has all the answer. We have right to scold our children is they are wrong. Its like those bittern medicines.

Vidya comes to Manjila’s room. Manjila says come sit. WHy did you bring milk? It would take it myself. Vidya says I want to apologize you both. If you think I have made a mistake then please apologize me. Manjila says don’t apologize you are chiragh’s mom. Its your right to scold him. Paresh says you stood by your child when everyone was against him. Manjilka says you are a good mother and we are all proud of you. Manjila hugs her.

Vidya sings chiragh lullaby as he sleeps. She recalls everything. Vidya says I am sorry son for doing all this to you. But whatever I am doing is for your good. Your mom is always with you. This is your and my battle. We can’t tell anyone truth. Not even your dad. Diwan comes in and asks what are you hiding from me?

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

He wakes up and screams. He takes his bat and goes out. Vidya runs after him. He shoves Vidya. Viday stops him and says where are you going? He says I am going to kill those dogs.