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Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Troubles Hit Simar’s House


Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Sanjana sitting in Sameer’s new car. Sameer comes to Simar’s room and gets the box. He thinks about Pari’s words. Simar hopes nobody see that box. Mata ji asks Simar to do shringar of Mata Rani. Simar says she has some important work. Mata ji asks her do Shringar first. Simar gives her Shringar box. Sanjana waits for Sameer. Simar runs towards her room. Sameer opens the box and sees Sanjana driving the car and hitting him as car brakes fails. She rams car over him and he dies on the spot. Sameer gets shocked seeing his death and closes the box.

Sanjana gets down from the car. Sameer thinks I don’t agree with this box. He keeps the box again on its place. Simar comes to room and sees the box where she had kept it. She thanks mata rani and thinks box is safe. Sameer goes out of room. He thinks to prove that the box is fake. Sanjana comes inside. Sameer says lets go. He asks her to drive carefully and wear seat belt. Sanjana says ok. Sameer asks her to drive slowly and tells that car is coming from opposite direction.

Sanjana asks him to get down from the car. Sameer asks her to take turn and come to him. Sanjana turns the car and is driving the car when she couldn’t put the brakes as bottle fall beneath the break. She gets worried as kids are standing there. Sameer asks her to be careful. Sanjana worries and signs him to move. She hits him with the car. Sameer falls down on the road.

Sanjana gets out of car and runs to him. Sameer recalls Pari’s words. Sanjana says sorry to Sameer. Sameer is in shock. They come back home. She touches his hand and he feels pain. Mata ji asks about his wound. Piyush asks what is it? Simar asks how did you get wounded. Sanjana says my mistake. Simar says I told you not to drive car fast. Mata ji says we shall thank Mata rani for protecting Sameer. Simar asks him to rest. Sameer says he will sit there itself. Simar goes to bring haldi milk. Prem comes back home and asks Sameer about his wound. Piyush tells about the accident. Prem asks for the documents. Piyush says it is in Roshni’s phone and asks him to get it from her. Prem thinks it seems they have a fight. Sanjana says next time I will drive carefully. Sameer says next time, you will not drive car. I will take you out or we will keep driver for you. Sanjana is shocked.

Roshni is crying in her room and recalls everything. Prem asks her to give phone. Roshni gives her phone and asks where is Piyush. Prem says he is at home and asks her if everything is alright. Roshni says yes. Piyush comes and hears them. Prem asks her to talk to Piyush and solve the problem. Piyush comes there and asks why did you lie to Papa. Roshni says you lied to me and showing ego too. Sanjana asks Sameer not to throw tantrums. Sameer says you will not drive car. Roshni says I am feeling ashamed and don’t believe that you can betray me. Piyush says he is ashamed to love her and goes.


Sasural Simar Ka 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar sees Sanjana- Sameer, Piyush- Roshni and Prem fighting with Pari. She gets tensed and slips from stairs.

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