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Sasural Simar Ka 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to sanju you have to control your fear. Open your phone. Her phone rings. She picks up. Sanju sees KB giving money to that thief. She records it.

Tanvi says to anjali this wont happen again. I will make sweets for you. Anjalu says thank you. Tanvi goes to make sweets for her. She comes back to take her phone. A call recording plays in her phone. ANjai said to the doctor tell vikram anjali need love care and attention. Tanvi says I left this phone here to record your reality.

Sanju shows the video to everyone. Aarav says how could you do this? He could kill ananiya. Mataji slaps her.
Tanvi says your lie is in my phone. I will show vikram your reality. Anjali hits her and deletes the recording. She says your recording is deleted. Tanvi says what do you want? Anjalu says I want my vikram back. He is only mine. I can do anything for him. Tanvi says this is not love.And its too late. Your marriage was ended by you. You never valued him. He will never be yours again. You don’t deserve him. I will expose you. Anjai says how will you prove him? The more fingers you point at me the more vikram will doubt you. You will lose him. He is mine only.

Mataji says go from here. This is why I never wanted you back here. KB says please I am sorry. Mataji says not a single more word. Go from here. Everyone apologizes roshni. Roshni says you are my elders. You give us lessons. Mataji says well done sanjy.

Scene 2
KB says i will not leave that roshni. You all stayed silent there. Ananiya says thank you KB. Pari says now we have another chance. Ananiya says now I will bring a big storm in roshni’s life. Her days here are over. I promise that.

At dinner, mataji says its ponima tomorrow. Roshni you have to do all the things. Roshni says I will don’t worry.

Anjali says on call you worked fine on everything? Are the papers ready. Tanvi has placed a small camera in her room.
Matjai says roshni grain this flour. Roshni grains the flour. Lights turn off. Ananbiya says this is roshni’s carelessness. SHe left water pipe open. It did a short circuit. Pari says it could be dangerous as well. Ananiya saved us all. Mataji says did you do that roshni? pari says mataji stop taking unfair sides.


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