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Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Sasural Simar Ka you will watch Anjali says I am back here but I have three conditions, first is the division of this house. Saroj says are you out of your mind? Anjali says my second condition is that Tai ji will never talk to Vikram.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

Scene 1
Mataji says please eat something you are so weak. Simar says nothing is right in this house. Mataji says Anjali went back to her house. everything else will be fine too. Lets all go temple. Piyush says Vadahi you come too. Vadahi says none of them want me to come. I won’t. Roshni says you better understood that yourself. Vadahi says see Piyush. Simar asks Radha to east something and sleep when they go. Piyush says I will stay here with Vadahi. Amar says we are going to pray for your dad. Simar says leave him amar. He has grown too much. Leave him if he doesn’t want to come. They all leave.

Scene 2
Tao ji is leaving. vikram says please don’t go. Saroj says how can we leave this house. Vikram says this is all ANjali’s fault. Tao ji says its not anjali’s mistake. She is right. Saroj says why should we leave our house? I won’t and won’t let you leave this house either. Anjali comes in and says you are right tai ji. Anjali says I know Vikram loves you. And he doesn’t want to leave you. Tao ji says this house is yours and so is the future of this house. Vikram says I am glad you came back. No one has to leave the house. ANjali says you are right. That is why I found a middle way. I have three conditions.He says first condition is the division of this house. Saroj says are you out your mind? Anjali says we will draw a line in this house. My second condition is that tai ji will never talk to vikram again. You have ruined my married life enough and that is why this condition. Third is that I want to live my life my way. I will do whatever I want, whatever I wear, wherever I go. Tai ji has no right to object. Do you accept these? Saroj says I don’t accept any of these. I won’t ever let this happen. He says you heard what she said? She won’t ever let us live happily. Anjali says I didn’t have answers of everyone. I want papa ji here as well. vikram says enough please. Don’t bring him here. He is not well. Tao ji says I accept all of these. Vikram and saroj are dazed. He says Saroj whatever is happening you are equally responsible for it. If anjali thinks this will fix her marriage then we should be with her. Vikram says please don’t say this. Anjali says if you want to save our marriage you have to accept these. I have found this middle way so she can live in this house. She hates me and never wants to see your happy with me. She won’t live with me, and only then there will be peace. Saroj says say no Vikram. Tao ji says what ANjali is saying is right. She has right on you and to live her life her way. I accept all her conditions. You will accept too. For me. Vikram says okay.

Scene 3
Simar is on her way. She says why is the report not out yet. Simar says roshni call home and asks how mataji is? She calls home. Roshni says Mataji is better.
ANjali paints a line in the house. Vikram says stop. You won’t divide this kitchen. Saroj says leave it vikram. When everything is being divided then why not kitchen. ANjali draws line in ktichen as well. She says from now own you will live the other side and we on this side. Sarij says I have something important on your side but you can’t divide it. Temple. God. She picks the idol. Vikram says let me carry it. SAroj says I don’t need you. My weak hadns should learn to work on their own. She takes the idol on her side.
Saroj says she has separated us from Vikram. But sanjev is vikram’s dad. You want him to stay away from vikram as well? Vikram says tai ji is right. Tao ji says but you will have problem. ANjali says no there won’t be any problem. We will take care of papa. Vikram brings Sanjev on his side. Tao ji says at least we are under same roof. We can see each other.

Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshni’s phone rings. She can’t hear. She goes out its Khushi. She hits Roshni from her car. Simar turns back. ANjali brings papers for division for house. She asks everyone to sign them.

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