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Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Tina says to Simar please auntie I beg you. Please tell everyone truth. Tell them what anjali did with me. You helped me that day too. Please help me today as well. Simar says this is right. Anjali is dazed. Whatever happened with Tina Anjali is responsible for it. Anjali is in tears. Simar says I am ashamed that my daughter did all this. She tells them everything. Anjali says mom.. Why are you doing this with me? I am your daughter. Anjali says whatever she said is a lie. I didn’t bribe anyone. Tina says you always lie. You can call your mother a liar too. I have called that designer too that you bribed to loose my dress. `She says come in soniya. Please tell everyone truth. She says yes.. Anjali bribed me. Anjali soniya.. Lilly says enough. I think these proofs are enough to get your crown back. We can’t give a woman like you this crown. They snatch the crown back from her and gives it to Tina. Anjali shoves Simar and says this is all a plan. I won’t let this tina have this crown. She breaks all the stuff. Security kicks her out.

Annaiya is booking her flight back to UK. Ridhima says what are you doing. Cancel this ticket. you can’t leave from here. She says I can’t stay here. I better leave from here. Ridhima says let me cancel. ANaniya says I have decided. Please don’t stop me.

Scene 2
Mataji says simar don’t worry you didn’t wrong. Anjali comes in and says yes yes she didn’t do anything wrong. she is never wrong. She is so truthful. She thinks she is devi.. Simar says please.. Anjali says of the lord of truth. You can risk your kids’ life for your name. Piyush says calm down. ANjali says shut up. Simar says you fooled them. Anjali says you fooled me. What mothber does this. Simare says try to understand. Some day or other it had to be exposed. You have taken my everything from me. You can’t be my mother. Its my mistake that I considered you mom and respected you. I forgave you for everything. You proved again I don’t mean anything. But enough now. I don’t need a mom like you. You kill my happiness. You don’t deserve to be called a mother. Simar is in tears. aNajli leaves. Mataji says stop.
Simar says i don’t know what should I do. Please help her God. Show her the right path.

Anjali comes home drunk. She says I here. Hi. Anjali Agrwal is here. vikram says you are drunk.. She says let me tell you. They took everything from me. They took my crown. My title. She cries and laughs madly. Anjali says you know why they did that? They are jealous of my beauty and success. They will pay for this. I am Anjali. I will ruin their lives. Vikram says calm down. Please end this. Control yourself. He says am I an animal? Oh and why are you worried for me? You are having fun with Tanvi already.
Vikram says you are drunk. That doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. Why you involving tanvi. Anjali says sorry Tanvi madam. Did you mind it? Please complain Vikram sir.
Anjali says you care about tanvi all the time and not me. Vikram says mind your langaugae. Anjali says why don’t you two get married. Everyone is dazed.
Anjali says yes marry him it will be best. Make her Mrs. Tanvi Vikram. Vikram says I wish I could do that. Anjali says wow continue the romance. She goes to her room.

Mataji says Simar anjali was in anger. Don’t worry about her words. simar says she will ruin her life and she wont’ even realize. How long will Vikram tolerate all this. Their relationship will have to pay for her behavior.
Ananiya comes to the house. Everyone is dazed. Pari says what do you want now? Ananiya says just came here to say goodbye. Mataji says why are you taking such a big decision. Ananiya says you all gave me so much love so I came to say goodbye. I will miss you all. She hugs everyone in tears and says goodbye. Pari says Ananiya whatever decision you have taken, its right. This is better for you and Aarav. Ananiya says Aarav you said we will live together all our lives. We will do anything to be together. Today I think this is better for us that I go back London forever. She returns the ring he gave her.
Ridhima says wait Ananiya.


Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali is trying to call her contacts to get her a good deal. She come down and sees the line removed. She says who did all this?
Tanvi says who gave you right to take decisions of my life? Vikram says I did. She is my wife to be.

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