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Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana showing broken bangle to Sameer and says it is inauspicious and her heart is shaken up. Sameer says he has to go as people are waiting for him. She says she will just come and asks him to wait. He asks her to hurry up. Bharavi thinks Simar can’t save her daughter as there will be a blast in seconds now. Simar and her family leave house in a hurry. Sanjana shouts as bomb blasts. Bhairavi thinks Sanjana’s last chapter is finished. Simar and her family returns home.

Bhairavi asks them to come and asks to bring Sanjana for doing her last rites. They all turn, Bhairavi sees Sanjana standing and gets shocked. Simar slaps Bhairavi and says you have burnt your own son alive. Bhairavi says you are lying. Simar says Sameer was in outhouse when the blast happened? Bhairavi shouts and cries saying no. She says my own son can’t die, I can’t kill him with my hands. She slaps herself and looks at her hands. She hates herself for killing Sameer and goes to room, where she had kept wood /pyre for Sanjana’s last rites. She pours kerosene oil on herself, lit the match stick and is about to set herself ablaze, but Sameer comes and stops her holding her hand.

Bhairavi happily hugs him. Simar asks Sameer how he got saved. Sameer tells her that Sanjana has saved him. He tells that he saw the bomb and thought how to diffuse it, when he checked the time, just 10 seconds were left, so he ran out and the blast happened. He shouts Maa angrily.

Bhairavi gets emotional and apologizes to Sameer. Sameer calls her by her name and refuses to forgive her. He says you have snatched my Papa from me, and now wants to snatch my Sanjana from me. He asks what kind of human you are, stop shedding crocodile tears. Bhairavi asks for a chance and says I will rectify all my mistakes, tries to swear keeping hand on his head. He asks her not to touch him and not to take his promise until and unless she can bring his dead father. Bhairavi says she is feeling as if she lost everything and says if he can’t forgive her then she can’t live. She touches his feet. Sameer tells her about Simar’s teachings and tells that she tells that elders shall never touch children’s feet. He asks her not to touch his feet again and asks her to apologize to Simar and her family.

Bhairavi asks Sanjana to tell him whatever she did was for Sameer’s happiness. Sameer asks her not to touch her and asks her to just leave. Bhairavi tells Simar that Sameer is right. She says she is talking to her as a mother and not as a enemy. She says today my son is angry with me. You have a big family, but I have nobody except my son. She apologizes and asks Simar to tell Sameer to forgive her once. She asks her to return her son.

Simar says Sameer is not a thing, I wish you would have raised him as your son and not as a thing. She says the crimes which you had done can’t be forgiven. Dadi says you had killed many children and shall be behind bars. Prem says you have done much and apologizing to us. Bhairavi says you said right, if I stay in society then will make you dirty. She says she has done many crimes in revenge fire. I have no place here in this house and that’s why I will go far away from this house, and my son. Sanjana asks Sameer to talk to his mum once and says may be she is repenting for sure. Sameer is upset and goes.


Sasural Simar Ka 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhairavi wearing black saree tells Goddess that she will ruin everyone in 9 days of navratri. Later Simar is going wearing red saree and sensing something bad going to happen. Bhairavi thinks it is good that you have worn red saree.

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