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Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2017 video watch online on 

Scene 1
Anjali says I was doing this fast with my heart now see what I do. She calls her friend. Her friend says where to go? Anjali says that restaurant we used to go. shanaya says okay see you there. Anjali says you think you are too smart tai ji? Now I will tell you what I can do.

Simar says to Prem we should meet Vadahi once. We should ask her if she needs something. Prem says is that the only reason? Simar says I wonder why is she lying to Piyush? Prem says what if Roshni is lying? She tried harming vadahi before as well. Simr says i brought Roshni up and I have seen truth in her eyes this time. Piyush comes in. Simar says we wanted to meet Vadahi. Piyush says she is discharged. simar says where is she now? Piyush says I don’t know. He leaves. SImar says he is lying.
Vadahi calls Piyush. Roshni collides with him. Piyush shouts at her. SImar says calm down. Piyush says she can never change. I had to go somewhere. Simar picks his phone. Vadahi is hearing everything. Piyush takes his phone back. He says I have to go. SImar wonders if he was talking to Vadahi.

ANjali says to Vikram I am going to meet Shanaya. Saroj says you can’t go out. You haven’t eaten anything. You should rest. You would be weak. You didn’t even eat at the sunset. vikram says why? Saroj says she woke up late. Vikram says you can’t go. Ask shanaya you can’t come. anjali says she is in problem. I have to meet her. Vikram says invite her here. Anajli you are right. Saroj says go rest. You wont’ feel good seeing us eating. They all eat. Vikram says I don’t feel like eating. I will eat later. He goes with Anjali. He says lets watch movie.

Scene 2
Simar comes to Piyush’s room and looks for Vadhai’s contact. Piyush is leaving. He says I forgot my purse. He comes back towards his room. Simar sees the rental papers. Piyush comes in. Simar hides he takes his wallet and leaves. Simar says I am sure he got this house on rent for Vadahi. I have to go there to see whats up.
Piyush comes to Vadhai’s house. He has brought stuff. She says why have you brought all this? He says there is a lot more to do for you. Promise me you will call me if you need something. I will come to help you in anyway. Simar is on her way.
Vadahi and Piyush set everything in the kitchen. she slips Piyush holds her.
Simar comes to that address. She sees Piyush leaving. Piyush says take care.

At night, Anjali says I feel so hungry. Vikram is asleep. She sneaks in the kitchen. Mohan opens the lights and says thief thief. Anjali says you are sleeping here? He says yeah tai ji asked me to sleep here for three days. Saroj comes and says what happened mohan? Anjali what are you doing here? Anjali says vikram had been asking for water in sleep. So I came here for that. Anjali takes water and leaves.

Scene 3
Piyush comes home. Sima opens the lights. He says what happened? Simar says where are you coming from? Piyush says I was at a friend’s place. Simar slaps him. Simar says now you have started lying to your mom? He says what are you saying ma? She shows him papers and says this is what I am saying. I saw you leaving the house you got for Vadahi.


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar says Piyush dont’ forget. A married man can’t keep a relation with another woman. This all is not right. This will ruin Vadahi’s life. stop this. piyush says I don’t wanna hurt Vadahi again. I don’t care about your society.

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