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Sasural Simar Ka 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sanjana coming to Bhairavi and asks her not to go. Bhairavi says this will be her penance if she goes away from her son. She says she can’t forgive herself and folds her hands. Sanjana says how can you live without Sameer. Bhairavi says living with him is like living without a heart. I have given you much pain, now I want to bless you. She gives her ancestral bangles and prays for her happiness. She apologizes and kisses her.

Sameer is crying in the room. Simar comes to him and asks him to let the tears come out, as eyes and heart both gets clean. She asks him to cry and take out all his anger. Sameer says how can my mother do this. Simar says I have seen penance in her eyes for the first time, and this is because of you. She shall be punished for her crimes, but not this crime. He says she has snatched my everything from me, I will snatch her son. Simar says you can’t win through bad deeds and asks him to forgive her.

Bhairavi is leaving from the house. Sanjana tries to stop her. Sameer comes and stops Bhairavi from leaving, and says you don’t need to go anywhere, you can stay here. Bhairavi says did you forgive me? Sameer says yes, as someone taught me the difference between punishment and forgiveness and someone gave me values which you could never give. Bhairavi thanks Simar for returning her world. Simar says mistake can be done by anyone, but they shall rectify it.

Bhairavi asks Sanjana to come. She gives their hands in each other hands and blesses for a happy life. She apologizes to Prem and Mata ji. They forgive her. Mata ji says today navratri is starting and they will have a new start. She asks Prem and Simar to do the aarti. Bhairavi says she will make the arrangements. Mata ji says she don’t like mistakes and asks her to get habitual to get scolded and laughs. Bhairavi smiles.

In the night, Bhairavi comes to the inhouse temple and asks Goddess to tie the blindfold. She says she will give immense pain to Simar and make her param bhakt reach her. She says this fight is between Simar and me, but this time she will win. She says there is abhay in her name and says you will be defeated.

Sameer thinks he is very lucky to get Sanjana Sanjana wakes up. He pretends to sleep. Sanjana says you have bear enough, I promise to fill your life with happiness. Sameer gets up and asks really. He says we shall start with a kiss. Sanjana says no. He asks her to give another happiness and signs baby. Sanjana asks him to grow up first.

Sameer says this boy can proof that he is not a kid anymore and is about to kiss her. Bhairavi comes there and asks them not to feel shy, as they are husband and wife. She thinks she will feel peace once they separate. She asks them to get ready and says they have to go to temple. She says she is going to make his favorite paratha. Sameer says let Sanjana make today as we had decided yesterday. Sanjana says ok, you can make. Bhairavi says no, and asks her to make food. She turns and thinks the day will start with Simar’s death.

Prem gives saree to Simar. Simar says this is the same saree which you gifted me after our marriage. Prem says I remember everything and says he wants to relive those moments. Simar asks him to move so that she can wear the saree. She wears the saree. Prem comes to her and fills her maang with sindoor. Faanah song plays. They get romantic.


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bhairavi sees Simar wearing red saree and thinks you have worn the right color. Mata ji feels unwell. Piyush tells Prem that car is not starting. Simar gives puja stuff to Pandit ji. He says it is not puja, but shradh stuff.

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