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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says this is wrong. Vikram says I know what is right and wrong for me. Our worlds are different. She says are you mad? He says I was mad before. He holds Tanvi’s hand and says with time I understand. what is tanvi’s importance in my life. I feel very lucky to have her in my life. Anjali says how can you give this servant my place. You can’t do that, How dare you. Vikram gave me this saree. Give it back to me. Vikram says don’t dare touching her. sHe has already taken your place in this house and my heart. And why should you care? You never valued me. You have hurt me so much that I have a void in my heart and Tnavi filled that. Why do you have a problem now? Tanvi is my everything now. Anjali says then who am I? You are forgetting we are still married.

I am your wife. You are mine. You can’t do all this till I am here. He says you can leave this house whenever you want. She says why would I leave this house? This is mine. He says okay this house might be but I am not. You have no right on me. He holds Tanvi’s hand and leaves. Anjali shouts this is not right.
She says to sanjev he is out of his mind. Talk to him. Sanjev says everyone deserves to be happy. If he is with tanvi and happy then I am with him. I am sorry. Anjali says Tao ji please talk to him. Tao ji says what can I say. Its his decision. We never went against him.

Ridhima calls someone and asks them to transfer amount from London. Ananiya comes there. She says why are you doing all this? Ridhima says normal transactions. Ananiya says you are selling your property. Ridhima says nothing is more important than your happiness. Everything I have is yours. Ananiya hugs her and says I am so lucky to have you. You have done so much for me. Ridhima says you are my little sister.

Anjali comes to room and shouts. she says this is not done. Simar calls her. She doesn’t pick. Anjali picks and says what? ANaniya says tomorrow is Aarav and Ananiya’s engagement please come. Anjali says do you have any shame? I won’t ever see your face. Simar says you are mad at me. But please be part of Arav’s happiness. ANjali says I won’t. Stop annoying me.
Simar calls Vikram. Simar invites him. He says mom.. Simar says Anjali said she won’t come. But will you? He says yes we all will come.

Scene 2
The engagement starts. Mataji welcomes Ananiya’s family. Ridhima says this is all shagun. Mataji says this all wasn’t needed. Ridhima says ananiya is my life. She gives gifts ti everyone. Pari says i am Aarav;s mom not simar. I should get the best saree. Simar says you can keep this one if you like it. Ridhima gives that one to Pari. Pari says lets show shagun to everyone.

Vikram and everyone get ready for the engagement. vikram says where is tanvi? Tanvi comes out with sanjev. anjali says they are acting like I am not even here. Tao ji says lets go. Anjali says thats my house. How can you go when I am not. Vikram says we value relations. Simar mom invited us and we are all going. They all leave.

They arrive at Bharadwaj house. Matji and simar welcome them. Uma says where is ANjali? Pari says she better not. Sima says I am so grateful you all came. Sanjev says we had to come. Simar says Anjali didn’t come vikram? Vikram says nothing is hidden from you. I don’t think she will come. Simar says my son vikram is here. She invites them inside. Vikram goes to meet Aarav.
Roshni gives simar rings. KB says pari this is your right. Pari says Simar you did everything in your son’s marriage. Let me do something in my son’s marriage as well. Aarav and Ananiya come downstairs. They both make each other wear the rings. Everyone congratulates them.
Pari says before wedding they won’t meet each other. Piyush says why so? Pari says no. Piyush says this is 2017. Pari says you better not have a say in all this. Simar ask him not to create problems. Simar says he was just joking.
Roshni says family shoot time. They take pictures. Anjali arrives there. Everything is wrapping up. Simar says anjali.. Mataji says I knew she would come. Simar says I am glad you came. Anjali says I don’t care about you. I am not here for you.
Vikram and family arrange for a family shoot. vikram says tanvi come in the photo. Anjali is dazed.


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali says can’t you see? Vikram gives this servant more important. He is going to marry her. Simar says after what you did with him what else do you expect. Your ruined you in laws house. Anjali says you have lost any right to be called mother.

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