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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on teleshowupdates

Scene 1
Anjali comes in. She is shocked. SAroj has hidden. Anjali says to Vikram.. He says you jogged? She says you are not ready? He says I was not sure what to wear. There are meetings in the office for that I was getting calls. Do these clothes look fine? She says yes. ANd your breakfast is still on table. He says you were not here? We both didn’t eat. She says thats sweet. Anjali hugs him. Saroj is behind the door. She sneaks out.

Police doesn’t find anything in the room. Simar says please look again. He says we searched. There is nothing here. Simar says he used to hide things in the pillow cases. So I can find them. She looks inside the pillows and finds a paper. Simar reads it and is shocked. She sits on the bed. AMar says what happened? He reads the letter. Amar is shocked too. He says how can prem do this? Simr says I wanna go home. Amar says thank you inspector. We need to go home. Inspector says tell us whats in the letter? Amar says please we want to go home.

Anjali says we will have this healthy breakfast every day. He eats it. Anjali says why are you not eating? Let me bring your other flavors. Vikram runs to office.

Simar and Amar come home. Mataji asked what happened? Simar says I will read you all what Prem wrote. She reads, Simar I know you will come here looking for me. This is my last letter to you. After this I will never be able to talk to you again. So before leaving I want to tell you a truth. I told you there is nothing between me and Pooja but i lied. I and she had a relationship. Everyone is shocked. And Radha is my daughter. When you came back to my life, after that too I had relationship with Pooja. I never had courage to tell you. How could I? That I have a child with another woman. I didn’t know what to do. The only way out is that I go away from all of you forever. I know after this you will never forgive me. But I am sure you will not punish Radha for my sins. Your sinner, Prem.

Scene 2
Anjali comes to room and sees a piece of paratha on bed. She asks Mohan did you make it? He says no. Anjali says I am sure who made it.
She says I am sure. Tai ji made these for Vikram and came to our room. I will tell her who I am.

Mataji says this is not possible. Prem can’t do this. He had our teachings. I am sure there is something more to it. Its his writing? Simar looks at the letter. MAtaji says when whole world was against him you stood by him. He broke your heart. I can’t believe he did this. He was my Ram. MAtaji cries and says what has he done.

Anjali comes to saroj and says seriously? You can never change. Tao ji says what happened? Anjali says she broke the rule. SAroj says what rule? ANjali says don’t lie. You came to our room to give Vikram breakfast. Didn’t you? You can’t hide anything from me. Tao ji says is she right? Vikram comes in and says yes this is truth. Vikram says don’t create this drama. Everyone agreed what you said. Anjali says what was the point of agreeing when she has to break the rules. I don’t want her to talk to you. She will ruin our married life.
Vikram says enough. I don’t want these fights every day. He leaves.
Saroj says what did you think you can take my son away from me? that can never happen. Anjali laughs and says you think I am stupid? We signed legal papers and I can take you to court for breaking rules.

Precap-Mataji burns all the belongings of Prem. Mataji says no one will take Prem’s name here again. We will forget that he ever existed.

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