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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Sasural Simar Ka 23rd May 2017 on

Scene 1
Vikram brings Tanvi in the family picture. Anjali says can’t you all see? She shoves Tanvi away and says how dare you take my place. Tanvi says leave my hand anajali. Simar says what are you doing. Anjali says can’t you see? Are you blind. Simar says shut up. Anjali says I should shut up? You always take side of truth? You can’t see that this vikram is giving my place to this servant tanvi. He is going to marry her. Everyone is dazed. Simar says you are responsible for this. You did this yourself. Anjali says I can’t believe this. Mataji says your simar she isn’t taking side to truth today? Simar says what should i say? You have ruined his family life. This had to happen with you. If Vikram has taken any decision I am sure he has something in his mind.

Anjali says I can’t believe this. You have every right to be called mom. You are my enemy. Am I actually your daughter? I hate that I ever forgave you. Anjali is going outside. Mataji says don’t go like this please. Simar stops mataji.
Anjali says tanvi are you okay? Anjali says see what I do with you now. She leaves.

Everyone comes back home. Anjali has already called police. She says this is vikram and this is tanvi. My husband’s gf. Vikram is my husband and still has an affair with Tanvi. He is going to marry her illegally. Please arrest them. Vikram says this is all I could expect from you anjali. Inspector please take me to jail. Instead of living with a wife like this I should rather live in jail Inspector says what you mean? Vikram says you didn’t hear about it? She has a new controversy every day. She is so clever. She has a new story every day. I am sick of all this. Please take me. Anjali says he is lying. Inspector says let him speak.
Vikram says tanvi is my dad’s caretaker. She is so innocent ask anyone about her. Tao ji says vikram is right. Tanvi is a very nice girl.
Anjali grasps his collar and says how dare you lie about me? Vikram says please leave me. Inspector says leave him anjali or we will arrest you. This is your family matter. They leave.
Vikram says to Anjali do whatever you want but you can’t part me and tanvi. You thought only you can do drama? I learned some from you as well.

Scene 2
Arrav is sitting in room. Piyush says we are waiting for you on rooftop for boys get together. Aarav says this all looks like a dream. Piyush says I understand. Do you wanna meet her? Aarav says we can’t. Mama would be really mad. I dont want another drama. Piyush says don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Come with me. Arav says I can’t go out. Roshni says then she will come here.

Everyone is getting things prepared. Piyush sneaks out and turns off the main switch. Everyone says what happened to the light. Roshni brings ananiya inside. They sneak her upstairs. Roshni brings ananiya to Aarav’s room.
Roshni and Piyush sit outside in the balcony.
Aarva holds Ananiya’s hand. The song ‘ho karam khudaya’ plays in background. They come close. Pari is coming there. Arrav is about to kiss ananiya. He says I think someone is coming. Ananiya hides behind the door.
Sankalp turns the lights on. Pari sees some shoes behind the curtain. She says who is there. ANaniya and aarav are worried. Pari sees ananiya and says you here.. What are you doing here?

Anjali sees vikram hugging tanvi. He says I am so lucky you are mine. Anjali sees them and gets angry. He says will you go on a dinner date with me tomorrow? She says yes. Anjali I have to do something.


Sasural Simar Ka 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pari says ananiya I told you you can’t meet aarav. Piyush says this was my plan. Pari says you want problems in arav’s life right?
and annaiya this is not your London.

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