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Sasural Simar Ka 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says to Saroj I can take you to court for breaking the rule. Taoji says please don’t do this. This will affect your relationship as well. SAroj says why are you saying that. Tao ji says shut up saroj. Why don’t you let them live their life? Tao ji says I am sorry of her behalf. I will make sure this doesn’t happen again. Anjali says for you and papa ji I am letting this all go. But this shouldn’t happen again.

Simar is crying. Anjali comes home. She says this is impossible. My dad can’t do this. Vikram says relax anjali. Anjalu says he was the best man of this world. He was an example for everyone. Mataji breaks Prem’s picture. She brings his stuff and burns them. Mataji says after today no one will talk about that man in this house.

He doesn’t exist for her anymore. We don’t know him anymore. Simar recalls her marriage. Mataji says I never thought I would say this simar but I have to. Please forget that Prem. Simr hugs her crying. Mataji says I am here for you. Mataji swipes her tears and says no one will take his name here in this house. Mataji takes that letter from simar. Anjai is crying. Vikram takes her home. Mataji burns that letter too. Simar sits there crying. She says I don’t believe all this still. You have to come in front of me and say all this is truth I will wait for you.

Scene 2
Next morning, Simar looks at the burned letter. She recalls the moments she spent with Prem. Simar recalls what matauji said. Mataji comes and says I had a heavy heart. Simar says I know are mad at him. Mataji says he has betrayed all of us. He has insulted my upbringing. Don’t ever forgive him. Don’t take his side in this. SImar says yes mata ji. She says in heart I can’t say anything. My heart says what mataji is sayihng is not the complete truth. Matai says we are all with you. You are not alone. Simar says I know. You all are my strength.
Roshni comes in. She holds Simar’s hand and says I promise you no matter what happens I will always stand by you. Mataji says I am proud you are our daughter in law Roshni. Piyush comes in. his phone rings its Vadahi. He leaves.

Scene 3
Vikram says why did you shout at tai ji? Anjali says she is not happy to see you with me. She ruined my career. She can’t see us together. You can’t see it. But i can. I really love you. I am doing all this to save our marriage. Whoever I loved in my childhood fooled me or left me alone. My mom left me. KB fooled me all my life. Then you. You are doing the same. You broke my trust. I want your support. You have to assure me that you won’t lie to me. You won’t meet tai ji. He says she is my mom. Any mother would do the same. Anjali says she is not your mom. vikram says what are you saying. Anjali says no mother plays with happiness of her child. He says I know tai ji loves me. Anjali says she hates me though.And that is why she can’t see me in your life. She will kick me out of your life.

Precap-Roshni says to Simar Vadahi is not alone. KB is with her. She shows her Vadahi’s phone. Roshni calls KB. Kb says Vadahi we played that accident plan so well. Saroj says to Vikram its about time you leave and divorce anjali. She is breaking our house.

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