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Sasural Simar Ka 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update of Sasural Simar Ka 24th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Pari says this is all her fault. I asked you not to meet aarav before marriage. You have no value for what I say. You are like this ananiya before marriage after marriage you won’t even listen to me. Piyush says it was my plan. Aarav really wanted to meet her. Pari says wow. You and roshni can’t see arrav happy right? That is why you want something to go wrong. Simar says why are you saying that? Piyush and roshni wont want anything wrong for arav? Pari says they wont have done this. Aarva says where are you taking this? I dont’ believe in all this. Pari says ananiya this isn’t your london. You better understand that. Mataji says ananiya is not our daughter in law yet but you have become a mother in law for sure. You used to meet Shalu too. We caught you. She swipes ananiya’s tears and says smile. Pari says in heart this ananiya is already taking my son away from me.

Everyone does pooja. Mataji gives arav parsad. Piyush says mataji give me too. Mataji says you are just like my prem.. everyone is silent suddenly. Rajhinder says I wish prem was with us in this moment.
Simar says I forgot roshni did you talk to sanjina? Roshni says she said she can’t come. She has important exams. She says found another excuse not to come. Roshni says she will come back don’t worry. Mataji says we should focus on the preps now. Pari says you are right. There are a lot of work.
Piyush says lets go arav. Get ready.

Scene 2
Arav is getting ready. Anjali calls him. She says I want to meet you. I have file a case against tanvi and vikram. He says today is my wedding. I can’t ome today. I will come tomorrow. Everything was okay then how did all this happen? Anjali says I was your legal advice not your lecture. I am your sister but no one cares about me. Aarva says its my wedding today. Why don’t you go to court. Anjali says come here right now. Simar comes in and hears. She says anajli you have no senses. you are calling him? you should be here. Its his wedding. Anjali says this is more important. Simar says Arav won’t go anywhere. Its his marriage today. He won’t come.
Simar says to araav don’t worry and get ready. Aarav says okay.

The wedding starts. Ananiya and arrav make each other wear the garlands.
Anjali meets different lawyers in the court. They all recommend her to each other.
Pari ties the knot. All the rituals are being done.
Anjali is going to the lawyer. She sees Vikram and Tanvi’s photo on the wall. She is dazed. There is court marriage scheduled of both of them. Anjali says I won’t let you do this.
Aarav and Ananiya take the rounds.

Anjali comes to the lawyer and says that vikram and tanvi are marrying? He is my husband. We are already married. I can’t let him marry. I have an objection. He says please calm down. I will give you an objection form. She says after this they can’t marry? She fills the form.
The rounds complete. Aarav fills ananiya’s hairline. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Mataji gives them blessings. All the elders give them blessings. Pari says you are the daughter in law of this house ananiya. You are the elder one. You are responsible for this whole house from today. Welcome to our house.
Sanjana calls Simar. she says mom please come here. I need your help. Simar says are you okay? is everything okay? Why you sound so worried? Sanjana says I will tell you just come here. Mataji says what happened? Simar says she did not explain. She was sounding really worried.

Pari and Roshni prepare for roshni’s greh parvesh. Simar is worried for sanjana. Pari says simar give me that kalash and arti. Lets welcome her. Simar brings her. Ananiya enters the house. Aarva holds her hand. Everyone is really happy. They give them their blessings. Pari says to roshni you should touch ananiya’s feet. She is older daughter in law. Everyone is dazed.


Sasural Simar Ka 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ananiya serves everyone food. Pari says what you made in sweets? Ananiya says I made pancakes. Pari says what? Roshni says if someone wants to eat desi sweets I made this halwa. KB says she is still busy in scoring points.

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