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Sasural Simar Ka 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Sasural Simar Ka 25th May 2017 on

Scene 1
Ananiya says no no roshni doesn’t need to touch my feet. She is my friend. Pari says roshni I said something? You should touch her feet. Roshni says you are right. She touches Ananiya’s feet. Ananiya gives her blessings. Roshni says but we are friends too right? Ananiya says yes. she hugs roshni. Mataji says you both are very sensible. I am so proud of you both.

Vikram and family come home. Taoji says parents are like this. They can’t bear any problem with their kids. Anjali breaks a vase in their feet. Everyone is dazed. Saroj says what is this. ANjali says grateful that I didn’t hit it in Vikram’s head. This is nothing in front of what he did. Vikram says what have I done? She says so you don’t know? She grasps his collar. Tanvi says stop Anjali. don’t touch vikram. We also know how to follow the rules. She gives her divorce papers an says sign them. vikram already did. Anjali is dazed. Anjali is in tears. she says how can you sign these papers. She throws them away and says I won’t sign them. I won’t let you two marry. You can’t do this. My name is Anjali. I am Anjali Vikram Aagarwal. I am your wife. I will see how you marry her.

A postman come and says Mr. Vikram there is a court notice for you. Vikram takes it. He says anjali made an objection on my and Tanvi’s wedding. They rejected our application. He says thank God. At least now she cares about our relationship. Taniv says yes sir. She will value it too. I am sure our plan is working out. Vikram says thank you so much for what you have done. Today at least anjali understands importance of this relationship. Tao ji says and thank God we told simar already so Anjali feels like this is true. Vikram says this is the only way we can bring her back on track. Tai ji says in heart I hope she never changes and you actually marry tanvi.

Scene 2
Roshni brings ananiya and Piyush to their room. she says if you need anything let me know. Aarav says thank you Roshni. She aarav. Aarav says finally we are one. Why do you look so tensed? Is everything okay? She says I am a bit scared. Will I be able to mingle with everyone. This is all very new for me. I am very scared. He says don’t worry. He says first become a good wife. He gives her a rose. She says thank you. he hugs her.

Aarav caresses Ananiya’s face while she is asleep. He kisses her forehead and says a very happy morning. Mrs. Ananiya. She says will we always live together? He says of course. Someone knocks at the door. Its pari. She says annaiya you are still on bed? Our women don’t sleep so late. Today you have to make breakfast for everyone. Get ready and come downstairs. You are the elder daughter in law of this house. She leaves. Arav says don’t worry.

Simar gets a call from Vikram. He says our plan is working out. Anjali filed an objection. Simar says thank God. She started valuing it. She really loves you. You need to make her realize. Everything will be fine. Vikram says you are right. Simar says for some days I won’t be able to help you. I have to go to Sanjana. He says its okay. Simar says be steadfast. He says take care.

Anjali meets her friend rashmi. She says thank you for coming. That shanaya didn’t even pick her phone. Rashmi says how can i help you with all this? I dont’ know any lawyer. Anjali says I can’t even go to police. I have lost it. Rashmi says why don’t you contact woman empowerment people. Anjali says you are right. I will inform them about what kind of girl tanvi is.

At breakfast, Mataji says SImar is going. Today we will have breakfast from Ananiya’s hand. Ananiya serves the food. Sankalp says halwa.. Ananiya is shocked. She says I made pasta for everyone. Uma says she made western food. Pari says you had to serve sweets first. Annaiya says I made sweets. Pancakes. Everyone giggles. Pari says are you mad? Don’t you understand. Simar says let it be. Its sweet anyway. Serve me pancakes. Mataji says you tried and made that is enough for us. We are a little desi. But we will eat it for you. You brought a change in menu. Serve me please. She serves everyone.
KB says to pari your daughter in law can’t make desi food. Simar has another chanc. Roshni brings food and says whoever wants to eat desi can eat this. I made puri adn vegetables. Everyone asks her to serve.
Uma says Pari your daughter in law will make you these dishes everyday. Pari saus roshni what do you wanna prove? You wanna show ananiya that she can’t make anything?

Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pari says Mataji I want to say something. Ananiya is the elder daughter in law of this house. She should get all the rights. From today she should have the keys not roshni.

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