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Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanjana Doubts On Aaliya


Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 26th December 2017 Episode Start With  Roshni asking Simar what Aaliya was saying. Simar says I have kept box so far that it will not harm our family. Roshni makes something for aaliya and tells Simar that she is adarsh bahu like her. Simar goes to guest room and looks for her. She goes out to search her. Aaliya searches for the box in the house and thinks where is the box?

Simar comes there and asks her what you are doing here. Aaliya says I am sorry for coming in your room, but I have no way and says that box was necessary for me and says if I don’t give the box to you then the goons…Aaliya says that box can harm your family. Simar says she has hidden the box in the jungle under the tree. Aaliya thinks she wants to get the box to ruin things. Simar asks what you are thinking? Aaliya says she wants togo. simar asks her to have juice and dalya and asks her to eat once she gets fine. Aaliya gets angry.

Aaliya calls goons and tells them that Simar has buried the box under the tree and asks them to search. She collides with Sanjana and asks her if she is blind. She then thinks she shall not talk to her like that. Mata ji thinks what was in the box and thinks Simar does whatever is beneficial to family. Roshni brings puja stuff and calls Sanjana. She asks where is she lost? Sanjana says she was actually thinking about Aaliya and says she is not like she appears. Roshni says Simar is caring for her as she fainted. Mata ji says whatever Simar do is good.

Aaliya thinks to call the goons and calls them. Goon picks the call and says we couldn’t get the box. Aaliya scolds him and asks them to meet her outside Bharadhwaj house. She comes out of room, sees Sameer and hides. Roshni asks Sameer if he wants to have tea. Sameer thanks her and says he will take later. He says he brought gift for Sanjana as regrets to argue with her. Sanjana asks him to let begones be gone. Mata ji gets happy. Roshni asks him to show the gift. Sanjana likes the gift and shows jewellery to Mata ji and Roshni. She says she will wear it and come. Aaliya thinks if she goes out then someone will see her. She goes through window. Sanjana hears the sound and thinks if there is any thief. She calls everyone and says thief entered home. They all come out and see the goons. Simar realizes that this is the same goons who attacked me to get the box. Aaliya signs goons to run and tells Simar that the goons will kill her if they don’t give box to them.

Simar says those goons were after me. Sanjana says 1 min and asks why did you come out of house by hiding from us like a thief. Aaliya says they were threatening me to come inside if I don’t give them box. Prem says I will call Police. Aaliya asks him not to call Police. Piyush and Sameer return and tells that they couldn’t catch the goons. Simar says goons are dangerous. Sanjana thinks something is wrong with Aaliya. She asks Prem to call Police. Simar stops him and says Police can understand the problem.

Piyush says goons can attack us again. Simar says she has thought wisely. Prem says I am not with you in this and says they shall call Police. Mata ji stops Prem and says I am with my Simar. She says I am surprised as you are raising doubt on Simar’s decision. She says we shall stand with her. She says she is with her and tells Simar that today all her family members are united because of her. Roshni says I am with you Maa. Sanjana says even I am with you. Piyush, Sameer, Prem and Pari also support Simar. Aaliya thinks if this is family or drama company. She thinks to get the box somehow. Mata ji says Jai Mata ji.


Sasural Simar Ka 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aaliya kidnaps Simar and takes her to jungle. She calls goons and asks them to come there.

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