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Sasural Simar Ka 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Vikram comes to temple. Anjali is taking rounds around shivling with her hand burning. A woman says only ten more rounds. Saroj says I am sure you can’t do this. Vikram sees Anjali in this condition. He runs towards her. saroj is dazed to see him. Vikram says Anjali. She stops and looks at him. Saroj stops him. Vikram says her hand is burning. Look at her condition. Saroj says only 10 rounds are left. vikram says I know you can do this Anjali. I have faith in you come on. Anjali is almost fainting. Her hands are burning and so are feet. A girl says your daughter in law is very nice. Who modern girl does this. Vikram says is she done? Look at her condition? Saroj says let her complete total 101 rounds. If she stops she has to do from beginning. A woman says only two rounds are left. Saroj says in heart I will never let you complete this. She throws something with the flowers in her way. Anjali says in heart I will complete this and show Vikram. She steps on that object and screams. Anjali is crying. A woman says she will have to start again. Anjali saves the dia. She is fainting.

Roshni gets done with pooja. MAtaji says in heart what is happening where is Piyush.
Roshni gives the parsad to pandit ji and says this is from me and my family. Please accept it. He takes it from her. Roshni touches Mataji’s feet. Mataji says I saw Simar in you. I am so happy. simar brought you up and I can see that. Roshni touches everyone’s feet.

Anjali is fainting. Vikram says you can do this Anjali. I am here for you. Anjali keeps walking. She sits down. Her feet are bleeding. She has completed her rounds. vikram says enough of all this. I am taking you home. Saroj says another ritual is left. Vikram says she did what she had to. Its enough now. I am taking her home. He picks Anjali up and takes her towards the car. A woman says she tolerated all the pain and completed the rounds. She is so strong.

Piyush says to Vadadhi why did you climb the stairs. You are weak. She says I called you so I bandaged myself. Piyush says I am sorry. Lets go hospital. You will be checked there better. He says let me call doctor here. She holds his and says this bruise is not my pain. You are here I feel better. It hurts me when you are not around. Piyush says I am always around you. Piyush says let me cook you food. He goes towards kitchen. She says cook spicy please. He smiles and says whatever you like madam. Piyush cooks for her. KB is looking at all this.

Scene 2
Anjali is home. Saroj says Vikram bring first aid box. I will dress her wounds. He goes out. Anjali says tai ji why don’t you look happy? I completed all the ritual. Saroj says I feel so bad looking at you like this. Your feet are all hurt and hands all burned. Anjali says its okay. Sometimes you lose something to get something. Saroj says you are right. SAroj says I didn’t know you can bear this much pain. Anjali says you don’t know me at all yet. Once I decide to do something I do it at any cost. Vikram comes in. He dresses Anjali’s feet. Vikram says look at her Tai ji. Which God wants to hurt his people like this? Anjali says its okay Virkam don’t worry. Your touch heals me. He bandages her feet.

Uma says I am so tired. Pari says seriously. Uma says raju bring water. Roshni brings them both water. Uma says look at her. What happened roshni? You feel bad because Piyush left the arti in middle? Pari says what are you saying? Roshni would be hurt by where and to whom he would have went. We all know. He never wanted to marry Roshni. Uma says yes and he half married Vadahi so she is his half wife. Mataji says what rubbish is this. Better be ashamed. Relationships are not jokes. Why don’t you two use your brains. Matjai says to Roshni some relations only give you tears and they are your test. Never take what they say seriously. Just keep your intentions pure. Everything will be okay. Go and rest.

Piyush serves Vadahi food. Doorbell rings. Piyush says let me check. He opens the door. Its the milk man. Piyush takes it and keeps it in fridge. Vadahi tries to eat from her bruised her. Piyush makes her eat. He says this is pasta with fresh rice with a lot of spices just as you like. Mataji is peeking in from the door. She opens the door loudly. Piyush and Vadahi are dazed.

Precap-Mataji says to Vadahi go away from Piyush’s life. This is better for you my family and Piyush. Vadhai says I am sorry but now he would go away from you people. I will shove him in ditches of darkness forever.

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