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Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Roshni comes in and says ananiya you did this all? Why you did this? What have I done? Everyone comes in.Mataji says what other drama now roshni? Roshni says this was all ananiya’s game. She says look at this paper. She was talking on phone to someone. Ananiya says its just a paper with a print. Why are you accusing me? ROshni says I will prove you all that ananiya has been lying.

Anjali is sitting and crying. Vikram has burned every single of their memory. Anjali throttles Tanvi and says I will kill you. You did all this. You took my vikram from you me. Vikram says leave her. He is about to slap anjali. He says only you are responsible for all this. I was wrong to expect from you. I have nothing with you form now. He holds Tanvi’s hand and says she is my wife and life. Anjali is crying.

Scene 2
Roshni comes to the newspaper editor and asks him to reveal ananiya. He says yes I will come and tell them ananiya asked this story to be published. Roshni comes and says heis the editor of that paper. He will tell everyone truth how ananiya asked him to print that article. The editor says enough. I am sorry. I can’t be disloyal to my work. I can’t take your money. He says roshni bribed me and asked me to accuse Annaiya. Roshni is dazed He says truth is that Roshni gave me money. Roshni says don’t lie. Mataji says you are lying roshni. She asks that man to leave. Mataji says what is wrong with you roshni. WHy are you doing all this. You have embarrassed us all. Roshni says that man is with ananiya. Pari says so everyone’s is against you. Mataji says you don’t even deserve to be our daughter in law. You have really disappointed me. Roshni says I am not lying. pari says don’t fool us now. We all know how clever you are.

Pari says she did all that drama to stop Vadahi’s wedding too. We have not forgotten all that. Its her nature. She is a liar. Ananiya don’t be scared we are all with you. Ananiya says if she wants I will leave this. Pari says you won’t go. This roshni will. Mataji says what. Pari says she is a liar. Piyush says enough. I won’t tolerate a word against her now. Pari says you never wanted to marry her anyway. Piyush says God united us and made us strong together. I love her. I married her with my choice. If we have to talk about past then you and KB shouldn’t be standing here. Mataji says Piyush.. Piyush says please mataji let me speak. This is too much. You are here because we pardoned you. I know Roshni. I have faith in her. I trust her. She cant do all this. She has done so much for us and mataji you said that she is non deserving. Mataji says I agree that she has done so much but she has been making so many mistakes. She should accept her mistake and apologize Ananiya. That’s our rule. She has to apologize otherwise.. Piyush says she won’t apologize. I will accept whatever you decide for us.

Simar says what.. Piyush says I trust my wife and she won’t apologize something she didn’t do. If you don’t trust her we will leave this house. Simar says are you out of your mind? Roshni says don’t say that. I will apologize. Piyush says if it was your mistake I would have asked you myself but i trust you. Matjai says okay then go. He has grown up too much that he will tell us what is right and what is wrong. Arav says don’t do all this. Pari says arav you get back. Simar says mataji stop them please.


Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Piysuh and Roshni are leaving. Simar holds his hand but he leaves. Simar is crying and sobbing.

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