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Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Everyone praises Ananya’s food. Ananya whispers thanks to Roshini for making food, Roshini says dont worry, I am with you.

Tanvi is making breakfast for Vikram, Vikram gets message and says what? Tanvi asks what happened? Vikram says Anjali have complained against me in women NGO and today I have to present there, Anajali doesnt understand that things will go bad this way, if she wants then it will happen, Tanvi says I am with you, he thanks her.

Mataji asks Roshini to bring gifts from safe for Ananya, Roshini goes. Khushi says to Pari that you are elder than Simar but still Simar got house keys, see history is repeating again, Ananya is elder but keys are with Roshini, Umi says Pari and me are elder but we never got rights, same can happen with your daughter in law Ananya as keys are still with Roshini,l Pari fumes in anger hearing it. Roshini brings gold necklace, Mataji gifts it to Ananya, Simar gifts her too, everyone wishes Ananya. Pari gifts her too. Pari says to Mataji that I want to say something, Mataji says yes, Pari says Ananya is elder daughter in law of house so I want all rights of house for Ananya to get, Simar and Roshini smiles, Mataji says what are you trying to say, Pari says that from now on, Ananya will have house keys not Ananya, all are stunned, Salaish tries to argue but she stops him, Aarav says its not needed, Pari says you remain silent. Mataji says Ananya has just become part of our family, every family has rules and way of living, let Ananya learn our way of living, having house keys is a big responsibility and I dont want to burden her now, Ananya says Mataji is right, I also think I am not ready to take all responsibilities, Mataji says its decided. Sankalp says its Simar’s flight time.

Simar is leaving, Mataji asks if she is sure to go alone? Simar says dont worry, I will be fine. Simar asks Ananya and Roshini to live like sister and keep this house united. Piyush says we have to send Aarav and Ananya on honeymoon so I have booked their tickets for Switzerland, Roshini scolds Piyush for spoiling surprise, Aarav hugs Piyush and thanks him. Simar says I should leave now, she touches Mataji’s feet, Piyush takes Simar’s blessing, Simar leaves. Mataji prays for her. Piyush gets call and says what? how did this happen? who did it? I will check, he ends call. Piyush tells family that someone has filed case on our company, all are shocked. Aarav says this is serious matter, bring case papers here, I will study, Piyush calls his lawyer and asks him to send all files. All are tensed.

Scene 2
Roshini says to Vikram that I had no choice, you people have pushed me to complain to women NGO, Vikram says I didnt leave any way? really? thats why you want to bring house matters on roads? you are doing wrong and now whole society will know it, Roshini says you.. Vikram says no, we will talk in hearing now.

Aarav studies case papers with Piyush and Sankalp. Aarav says I have checked all files, there is no catch, no fault. Roshini brings tea, she sees accounts files and goes through it, Roshini says it seems like our accountant did mistake, see our sheets rates and customers rate is not matching thats why any client file case on us, I am sure our accountant did mistake, Sankalp says I didnt know you have accounts knowledge, Piyush says she has degree in finance, Mataji says she is diamond, Roshini you shouldnt waste your knowledge, you should be part of our business, Piyush says you are right mataji, Roshini says if I go to office then who will handle house? Mataji says Ananya is here, one daughter in law will handle office and one will handle house, Ananya says yes, Roshini, I will take care of house with Mataji’s help, you go to office, Aarav says you shouldnt waste your education, Roshini says okay I will join office from tomorrow, Piyush says great, lets see files, Roshini sits with and discuss files.

Umi, Khushi and Pari comes to Ananya, Umi says you should be careful of Roshini, Ananya says what? Khushi says Roshini is very clever, Khushi says to Ananya that this day was important for you but Roshini took advantage and all the attention, not only that Roshini has kept house keys with her too, she has joined business too, it means she will have full rule of house and business, everyone will keep chanting Roshini’s name. Ananya says to be honest, I dont care about all this, I am happy for Roshini, I should be with Roshini in kitchen, she is going to teach me new dish, she leaves. Khushi says to Pari that your daughter in law is like innocent cow, your dream of ruling this house will remain dream now because Ananya cant do anything, Pari says I am her mother in law, I will make her jackal from cow. Khushi smirks. Pari says even Simar is not at home, we wont get this chance again, lets just see what I do.

In morning, Aarav says to Piyush that we should file correct sheet, Roshini is with us. Piyush says to Roshini that you have to join office from today, Roshini says today is Ananya’s face revealing ceremony, I have work at home, Piyush says you are needed at office, come with us, Roshini says who will look after work at home, Mataji says we will handle everything here, you just return at time of face revealing ceremony, Roshini nods and leaves with them. Umi says to Pari that Roshini is having fun, she is running business and have house keys too, fate should be like Roshini, Pari fumes in anger hearing it.

Sasural Simar Ka 27th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pari asks Mataji if we should start face revealing ceremony? Mataji says we should wait for Roshini. Otherside Roshini is busy in paperwork at office. Pari says to Mataji that this is limit of carelessness, I dont know what you saw in Roshini to give her house’s safe’s key, I dont understand that if there are only two daughter in laws in this house? Simar and Roshini only? those are par best, par responsible and par excellent, all others are useless? Roshini comes there and gets tensed.

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