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Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Piyush faints. Everyone runs towards him. Roshni he is cold. They pick up Piyush and take him to room. Roshni says Piyush please open your eyes. Aarav gives him water. Piyush opens his eyes. SImar says what happened. He says I don’t know I felt weak and fainted. They take him to room. Simar says I am sending you juice.

Later Roshni comes in room and sees that Piyush has left. He has locked her inside. She says what should I do.. He has left. She calls simar. Roshni says but she will get very worried. She calls aarav. Aarav tells simar. Simar says where did he go? Roshni says when I woke up he locked me in the room and left. Simar says where can he go? Roshni says I want to tell you something. She tells simar everything. Simar is shocked.

Scene 2
Soomiya is crying. Herman says please sleep. If I take you to him junior herman would say that I don’t take care of you. She says please take me to him. I can’t sleep. He says okay. He takes her.
Piyush as kaal arrives outside somewhere. He looks at the sky. He growls.

Simar says so much happened and you didn’t tell me? Roshni says I thought that happened because of the gas. Simar says lets go we have to find Piyush. Aarav says he is nowhere in the house.

Piyush comes in a nursery and picks a child.
Herman and Soomiya fall asleep on the bench outside. She gets up and says Aditya.. He is in trouble. I wanna go inside. He says it would be a dream. She says please lets go in. I wanna see Aditya. Herman goes inside. Watchman says you can’t go it. Herman shoves him and says no one can stop me from meeting my son. Piyush is digging a grave.
They both come inside. They say where did Aditya go? Chadda comes in and says what are you doing? Herman says tell me where is my son or I will kill you. He says i don’t know. Herman says tell me where is my son. Soomiya says CCTV camera. We might find something.

Aarav is looking for Piyush everywhere. Piyush picks up the baby.
Aarav calls simar and says I looked everywhere but couldn’t find him. Aarav says did you give roshni that tea? Simar says yes I did and she has slept. Arrav says I am going to look everywhere again.

Herman and all see the video. Chadda says it is so dark. We can’t see properly. Herman says shut up. He stops on the car and zooms. Chadda recognize that is Piyush. I have to inform him before herman finds him. Herman notices the number and goes out in anger.

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