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Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 28th February 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Scene 1
Saroj says in heart they are getting close day by day. She sees Anjali’s phone and takes out Shanaya’s number.
Piyush comes to meet Vadahi. She says thank God you came. I feel so empty without you. Like these walls will eat me. He says I am here for you. I can go against anyone for you. I really lovey you. Vadahi says thank you for everything. He says I can do anything for you. She says anything? Vadahi takes out poison and says give it to roshni. He says what is it? Vadahi says poison. He says what? Are you kidding? She says I am not kiddin. She says this is the only way that can unite us. Roshni’s death will give us life. Piyush says are you mad? She says you said you can do anything so waas it conditional? You don’t love me. Piyush says its not like that. I think you are disturbed. You should rest. I will come tomorrow. she says I don’t want identity of second woman. If you love me give me dignity. Or forget me. He says I can never forget you. I really love you. She says then give her poison. There is no other way. Everything is fair in love and war and Roshni implied that. She tried killing me and will do it again. We have to throw her out of us. We can’t be one. Try to understand please. Decision is all your now. Piyush takes the poison. He leaves.

Piyush comes home. Roshni says come have lunch with us.
Shanaya meets tai ji and says why you called me here? Saroj says I know you are Anjali’s best friend and you will understand what I say. That is why I called you here. Look at this. She shows her newspaper. Shanya says beauty contest? Saroj says I want you to convince anjali in this competition? Shanaya says its for unmarried people. Saroj says all the participants lie there. this was anjali’s dream. She should get a chance to fulfill it. Shanya says I don’t feel like you like her. Saroj says thats old. Anjali has changed now. There is nothing in my heart now. Shanaya says why don’t you ask her? Saroj says we had problems. I don’t think she would trust me. You are her bestfriend. She would listen to you. Saroj gives shanaya picture of necklace she has brought for her as a gift. shanaya says don’t worry. I will convince her. Get the necklace ready.

Scene 2
Shanaya comes to meet Anjali. Anjali says I am so glad to see you. Shanay shows her the newspaper and says I know this is your dream. Anjali says it was. My dreams are all lost somewhere. shanay says its not late. give them your portfolio. Anjali says I don’t know how will VIkram react. Shanay says he said yes before. Look at this crown. How good will it look on you. Anjali says you are right. I will talk to Vikram.

Piyush looks at the poison.
Vikram sees the newspaper in Anjali’s hand. He says what is this? You wanna do it again? She says I am sorry. I won’t. He laughs and says I was kidding. I want you to take part in it and follow your dreams. She hugs him. Anjali says will tai ji agree? Did you read the clauses? Its only for unmarried girls. Anjali says Shanaya told me if I write in form I am single. don’t get mad. Shanya suggested that. I won’t do that. Saroj comes and says you can do this.
Saroj says do you want this marriage to become a hurdle in Anjali’s dreams? Vikram says you are right. Vikrma says you should apply. Anjali says thank you tai ji. she wonders how she took her side?

Roshni says to Piyush I know you are not eating well. Please take this food. He says I don’t wanna eat. But I will have juice. She says let me ask Raju. Piyush says get one for yourself. We will have it together? Roshni says really? I am bringing it in a while. Our favorite orange juice, Roshni brings two glasses. Piyush breaks a vase. Roshni says I will clean it. You have your juice. She picks the pieces. Piyush mixes poison in her juice. He gives her juice. Roshni says you remember choti ma used to make this for us. Roshni is about to drink it.


Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vadahi asks Piyush did you give Roshni poison? He nods. She says now I know how much you love me. He hugs her.

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