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Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vikram says I did that with my own will. Vikram says I feel bad. THis is not your fault at all. Because of this drama you have to bear so much. Tanvi sees Anjali. Tanvi holds Vikram’s hand and says I can do anything for you. Anjali did the drama in front of those women. This all can’t end our love. She whispers Anjali is behind. She is overhearing. Vikram says you are really nice. Why didn’t I meet you before. Tanvi says now i am here with you. And I will always be with you. He says I want to look into your eyes forever. Anjali is mad. Anjali leaves. Vikram says thank God you saw anjali before otherwise our plan would have ruined. But you know what for a moment I felt like.. We both know this is a drama. Saroj says in heart someone might actually fall in love.

Saroj says Tanvi your ID card was there at the door. Tanvi says thank you. I had been looking for it. Vikram checks it. He says tomorrow is your birthday you didn’t tell us? She says I don’t celebrate birthdays. Vikram says we will celebrate your birthday. Saroj says for sure. Tanvi says no things are not right at home. Saroj says I think we should do something for her. She is doing to much for us. Vikram says you are right. We will celebrate her birthday.

Pari says I feel so insulted and all this happened because of Roshni. Mataji says why are you making a fuss out of it? The munh dikhai went well. Then don’t drag it. Pari says I am saying all this because of Roshni. If she keeps focusing on office she can’t focus on the house. Mataji says this happened just once. Pari says my friends made fun of me. Mataji says why should we care about what other people say? Pari says Roshni can’t have the keys. We can’t keep waiting for her. Mataji says I am sure roshni can handle both together. Ananiya says yes. Pari says Ananiya you dont’ take her side. Roshni says pari chachi you are right. Ananiya should have these keys. She gives the keys to Ananiya. Mataji says but Simar isn’t here either. we should wait for her.. Roshni says I will tell Simar ma dont’ worry. Ananiya is my sister. Its the same thing if she has it or me. MAtaji says but Ananiya is new here. We should give her time. Roshni says we are here to help her. Roshni gives the keys to Ananiya. Roshni says these are your responsibility from now on. I am sure you will do well. Ananiay says I will try my best. She hugs her.

Scene 2
Roshni meets her friend and drinks with her. She says I can’t believe my Vikram is in love with a servant. He has forgotten who I am. She says but you never valued him. You never listened to him. Anjali says you are my friend don’t take his side. She says please listen. Calm down.

Piyush comes home. Anjali says i studied business accounts very well. I wanted to tell this in front of whole family. After checking the accounts I feel like there are a lot of loopholes. And we are in loss because of that. Mataji says that is shocking. Roshni says we have lost some major clients. We have a few cases on us too. KB says what? All this happened after prem left? Uma says you are saying our husband’s can’t run the business? Or they are useless. Pari says don’t teach us. Mataji says can you all please keep quite. Sattu says roshni is right. Business is in loss after Prem left. Roshni says we can fix that. We have to reduce our daily expenses by 20%. Pari says now you will give us orders? What do you want? We should stop living our life? This won’t happen. Arav says mama this is for sometime. Everything will be okay. I think its a problem and we should all face it together. This is why I decided we have to cancel our honeymoon. Ananiya is dazed. Pari says now I understand why are you doing all this. So my kids can’t go on honeymoon right? Mataji says why would roshni want that? Roshni says I never thought of that. Arav says roshni this is my decision. This is just honeymoon I can go later as well. ANaniya says but honeymoon happens right after marriage whats the point of going later? Aarav says maybe we can go somewhere in India instead of abroad? Ananya says leave it. we don’t need to go. Mataji says Ananaiya we know that you have dreams too but at this time please try to understand. pari says you wanted this roshni right? You must be very happy. Aarav says this is not Roshni’s mistake. ANaniya is wise. Ananiya goes to her room. Roshni goes after her. Arav says Roshni I will talk to her.

Ananiya is sitting upset in her room. Aarav comes in. He says I know you are upset. But we are not stable financially. How can we think of going on a honeymoon. She says I don’t want to talk about it. I want to sleep. Ananiya sleeps. Aarav says please listen. She turns her face on the other side and sleeps.

Scene 2
Tanvi comes in the hall its all dark. Vikram turns on the lights. The whole hall is decorated. they all wish her a happy birthday. Tanvi is shocked. She says thank you so much sir. You did all this for me? After my parents no one ever did this for me. I don’t know how to thank all of you. I never had anyone to do all this. So I never celebrated. vIkram says now you have us all. Sanjev says yes don’t ever say that you don’t have anyone. We are all here for you. Tao says you are loved as much as vikram. Saroj says don’t cry on this happy occasion. Vikram say cut the cake. Anjali comes in and throws the cake away. She breaks everything. Vikram says are you mad? Anjali says yes I am mad. What else should I do? My husband is celebrating and having fun with another girl. I never thought in my dreams you can stoop this low. How can you be so characterless. Tanvi slaps Anjali. Everyone is dazed.

Sasural Simar Ka 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali you servant.. How dare you hit me. She is about to slap her Vikram stops her. VIkram says I wont tolerate her insult. Anjali says who is she? Vikram says she is the one who united this family. Who removed the borders you created. You have no respect inside and outside this house. Because the one who can’t give respect doesn’t deserve respect either.

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