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Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni giving strength to Mata ji and asks her not to insult food by not eating it. Mata ji apologizes to her and says you talks like my simar. She says Simar is used to win everyone’s heart with her sweet nature. She asks her to make halwa puri and keep bhog for mata rani and feed the girls too. She asks if she can manage for silver coin.

Roshni says she will do puja just as Maa used to do and will not break any customs break. Mata ji blesses her. Roshni asks her to have food. Mata ji agrees, and apologizes to God for having food without keeping bhog for her. She thinks don’t know if my Simar had food or not. Roshni asks her to have food. Mata ji cries asking Goddess to return her Simar.

Roshni gives her injection. Mata ji says jai mata di and sleeps while holding Simar’s photo frame. Roshni takes the frame and thinks to make bhog and distribute it to girls before Sanjana comes out of room. Bhairavi hears her, sees mata ji sleeping and thinks injection is showing effect. She thinks Roshni is a fool to give death injection to Mata ji and appreciates herself.

Roshni makes Puri and halwa. Someone sees her. Roshni brings the bhog and keeps infront of Goddess. She then packs the tiffin for girls and lights the diya asking for her support and strength. Just as she turns, she sees Bhairavi standing behind her.

Bhairavi asks her not to worry and says she heard Mata ji, I know this is old custom and tells that she made Sanjana busy and will not know. She asks her to go and do puja. Roshni says she will distribute the Prasad to small girls and come. Bhairavi says go, I will handle Sanjana. She thinks Simar’s bahu is stupid like her.. Roshni searches for the girl and comes to someone house.

Sanjana comes out and scolds Roshni for going against her and doing puja of the goddess. She asks why God has done injustice with Maa. Bhairavi tells Goddess that she had killed Simar and the blame was kept on you. She says I have smashed Simar’s bhakti and will end your identity. She says nobody will take your name, do puja or lit the diya. She says darkness will be in your world just like Simar, and is about to put dark cloth on mata rani’s idol, but heavy wind comes.

Sanjana is about to slap Roshni, but her hand is stopped. Bhairavi’s black cloth is burnt by mata rani’s lamp. She thinks what is happening. Simar steps inside the house. Mata ji wakes up and says my Simar has come. Bhairavi turns and is shocked to see Simar standing. Simar smiles. Simar recalls praying to Goddess in the temple. She recalls Bhairavi threatening Goddess. Maa ji asks Preeti to take her to hall and says Simar came. Bhairavi says Simar…you have died, how can you be alive. She thinks if this is their trick or illusion, dream etc. Simar smiles still.


Sasural Simar Ka 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sanjana tells Simar that they thought that they have lost her. Simar says you have questioned Mata Rani and says it is the strength of mata Rani’s bhakti shakti that I am standing infront of you. Prem asks where were you? Simar goes near Bhairavi. Bhairavi is shocked.

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