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Sasural Simar Ka 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Haasil 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Aanchal turns, just as Kabir is about to kiss her. She cries and says if this is the proof of love then the love is fake. Kabir says my love wants you, just you. Aanchal says I love you and will always love you


Sasural Simar Ka 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Mata ji thinking about Piyush and thinks I never thought even in my dream that he will do such a thing. She asks Mata rani to keep her family blesses. Sanjana waits for Sameer and calls him. Sameer picks the call and asks her to turn. Sanjana pretends to be angry with him and says she will not talk to him for 6 months. Sameer asks if she is punishing him or giving him enjoyment. He gives her bouquet. Sameer looks at her dress and refuses to go with her.

Sanjana asks what happened to him. He asks her to go and change the dress, then only he will come with her. Sanjana says I will wear whatever I like irrespective of your like or dislike. Everyone gather there. Simar asks what happened? Sanjana says he asked her to change the dress. Sameer says I am going alone. Mata ji thinks what is happening in the house. She asks if Piyush called.

Roshni says he will call if cares about me. Simar says let him come, I will talk to him. Piyush comes home. Pari says your son came. Piyush is going inside. Mata ji stops him and asks him to tell what is the matter? Piyush says Orvi is my office employee’s wife and since then her mental condition deteriorated and she is thinking me as her husband. Doctor said I have to act to be her husband. Roshni says what is the good story and asks him not to act with them. Aaliya says this is happening because of the box. Roshni says I don’t believe you. Truth is that you have illegitimate relation with that woman. Piyush shouts.

Roshni says I never thought you will stoop low. Piyush raises his hand on Roshni, but Simar stops him. She says this can’t happen in the house. Piyush says can’t you see what she said. Mata ji says Roshni is right and asks why he is acting to be her husband. Piyush says he has taken Orvi’s responsibility and will fulfill it. Roshni cries. Simar says we won’t let any injustice happening. Sanjana thinks don’t know why Sameer is reacting this way. Pari goes to her room and asks why you are punishing yourself. She says if he was concerned for you then he would have talked to you. She asks her to go where she planned to go, and says Sameer shall know that you don’t need her permission.

Prem hears her and gets angry. He says Mata ji will decide your punishment. Sanjana thinks Pari was right, I can take my own decisions. Piyush is in Orvi’s home. She asks what happened and says she will cut fruits for him. Roshni comes there. Piyush says you are here. Roshni says what did you think that I will be quiet. She asks him to decide between them. Orvi says how dare you to trap my husband. Roshni says he is my husband and says I will not leave you. Orvi tries to stab knife in Roshni’s stomach. Roshni shouts. Simar comes there and holds the knife. She tells Piyush and Roshni that she didn’t hope this from them and asks Piyush and Roshni to leave from Orvi’s house. Orvi tries to stop Piyush. Piyush and roshni leaves. Orvi asks Simar to go and asks why she made her husband leave. Simar slaps her as she gets crazy for Piyush. Orvi looks angrily.

Sasural Simar Ka 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : No Precap.

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