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Sasural Simar Ka 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
The thugs try to take ananiya’s jewelry. A guy stops his car there. He beats down all the thugs. They beat him back. Aarav hits them. They both beat the guys on of them is about to stab arav. The guy hits his head. The thugs run. Arav says to ananiya are you okay? She hugs him and says I was so scared. The guy says they have ran don’t be scared. Arav says thank you so much. People don’t help others. He says I don’t know about others. but Samir helps people. Ananiya says I am anaiya and he is my husband arav. Ananiya and arav leave. Arav’s car is puncture. SAmir says come i will drop you guys home.

Roshni and Piyush are walking on the road. She almost faints. Piyush holds her. They find a tap and drink water from there. A car stops by them. A man says Piyush. Piyush says amit. Its his friend. he says what happened? these bags? Piyush says meet my wife roshni. He says rohsni he is my friend amit. He says where are you going? Piyush says don’t know about the destination. He says your destination is my home. Come with me. Piyush says no no. He says I am your friend. I can take you till you find a place. Poyush says thank you so much. They go with him.

Ananiya says to samir you are a great human. He reads a poetry and says I did what any human should. Arav says you remember ghalib? He says let me take you home.
Sanju sits in her car. The number she calls is off. Arav and ananiya come home. They introduce samir to them. Arav says we are alive because of him. Some thugs attacked us today. pari says are you okay? Arav says samir saved us. They all thank samir. Pari says thank you for this favor samir. MAtajii says come sit with us. Samir says no I have to go. Sanju comes home. She sees samir and says you. You think I am your driver. I kept standing at the airport and you came here. He syas you came late. Sanju says I called you so many times. He says my battery died. Mataji says wait wait what is all this? You both know each other. Sanju says he is samir my very close friend. He came from London. and I had been waiting for him at airport. Samir says take me to my hotel. Mataji says why hotel? You will live in our house. This family is yours as well.
Anjali says in heart what the hell. I won’t let him stay here.

Scene 2
Amit says this house is yours. Roshni can cook anything she wants. She goes to cook. Amit says to piyush you are lucky. Your wife is very nice. Roshni cooks.
At night everyone is having fun with samir. Simar sees how happy sanju is around. She says I wish poyush and roshni were here as well.
Anjali looks at samir in anger.

Amit says you miss your family? he says I really do. He gives piysh juice. Piyush drinks it. Amit says rest. Piyush’s head is heavy. Amit goes in kitchen. Piyush faints. Amit looks at roshni. He comes close to her. Roshni is dazed.


Sasural Simar Ka 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshni says Piyush save me. He comes close to her. Amit says he can’t disturb us. Roshni says let me go please. She screams. Simar wakes up.

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