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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
The kidnappers kidnap Sanju and Arav. Sanju says please don’t do this. The hoodie man goes to kill someone in bharadwaj house.
Roshni and ananiya come in senses. Roshni says what happened? KB tells them everything. Annaiya says something was mixed in our drink. Smar says yes its not your fault.
Piyush says you all go downstairs now.
SAnju says arav get up. That man has gone with a pistol to our house. She sees a cutter.

Anjali comes to party and says you all know that I am the owner of this house. I will sell this house in front of you all. She says I will sell my house to Mr. Bhalla. She is about to sign the papers. Mataji says anjali think once. Anjali says time is up. Mataji says you will fall in the ditch you dug. Bhalla says I have a condition. Sanju tries to pick the cutter. She cuts the rope. They both sneak out of there. Bhalla says I want to do pooja first. Arav and sanju are running. The kidnappers come after them. Arav beats them and they both sit in the car and run. Piyush does the pooja and replaces the fake papers with real ones. sanju and arav are on her way. That man arrives at bharadwaj house.
Bhala says lets sign the papers. Anjali takes the papers and signs them. Piyush signs them too. HE says congratulations.
Samir has so many calls from that person. He send samir a video where piyush was replacing the papers in the temple. Samir says he stop.

Anjali says what drama now? He says shut up. He takes off Piyush’s beard. He shows anjali the video. Everyone is dazed. Sanju and aarva are on their way;Anjali says how dare you? Piyush says stay in your limits now. Take it mataji. This house is again yours now. Mataji takes the papers in tears. She says thank you.
Anjali comes downsatirs will pistol. SHe says don’t be so happy. Mataji says what is this. Anjali says get out everyone. You thought you can fool me like this. Simar says the truth can’t be changed now. Anjali says give me papers simar or I will kill you. Simar says shoot me. I am standing in front of you. I want to see how low can you stoop.
Anjali says give me papers. Anjali tries to snatch the papers. Suddenly they heard a gun shot. Anjali has been shot. Everyone is dazed. The pistol is in simar’s hand. Simar recalls her childhood.
Anjali says mama you shot me. So much blood. simar screams. ANjali falls down. they call ambulance. They all rush to hospital. SAmir smiles and picks the papers.

Scene 2
ANjali is rushed to hospital. Simar says I shot my anjali. SAmir comes and says don’t do this drama now. You shot her. Anjali says I never shot her. Roshni says stop lying. Samir says she killed anajli. she had pistol and shot anjali. Arav says control your mouth. Samir says simar is a snake. Anjali was right about you always.


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Police comes and asks who is simar?We have complaint that she shot her daughter. We will arrest her. Simar syas I am simar and I am responsible for this condition of my daughter. Arrest me.Police arrests her.

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