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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
There is no cat. Piyush says where is that cat? Roshni says It was here. I saw it. Piyush says stop making stories. Roshni says someone must have clean it up. She calls raju and asks if he cleaned the room. He says there was juice and glass here. Roshni says there was a cat too. raju says there was no cat. Piyush says you can never change. You always lie. Roshni says Vadhai is not what you think she is. She has changed. And trust me. She has some mission. Piyush says you are making these stories to separate us. And I won’t ever trust you. He leaves. Roshni says how is this possible. Raju was lying.
Roshni overhears Raju talking on phone. He says yeah Khushi madam. I did just as you said. Roshni is dazed. She says Khushi did that. Piyush wont’ trust me. I have to do Something.

Scene 2
Next morning, Anjali gets ready. Vikram hugs her. She says lets go. Vikram says you are forgetting something? This mangalsutra. Anjali says if I put this they will kick me out of contest. He says I forget everything in front of your beauty. Anjali says just in case if some handsome guy proposes me would you be jealous? He says not at all. Maybe a little. He says I trust you. I know you would slap him. Anjali hugs him and says I am so lucky to have a husband like you.

Roshni comes to Khushi’s place. KB says what happened? Roshni says I know your reality. You and Vadahi are playing this dirty game. Piyush tried killing me because Vadahi asked him. I just want to say stop these games. I know you got the cat removed from there. KB says yes I did that. So what? Roshni says what you want to prove? KB says I just want to ruin bharadwaj family. You don’t know those fake people. Kb says why are you so silent? Your own husband doesn’t trust you why would anyone else do? Anyway, if you agree shake hand with me again? I promise you if you help me ruin bharadwaj house I will get Vadahi out of Piyush’s life. Will you help me? Roshni says these stupid games of yours wont work on. The family you want to ruin I am part of it. I am daughter in law of that house. I will never go against my family. Kb says I think you forgot the same family was mine too. You know what they did to me. Roshni says thats your mistake too. For sometime you fooled me. Piyush saved me that day and our relationship still has hope. Somewhere in his heart there is a place for me. And I don’t need you to have my husband. I won’t let you harm my family.

Roshni is at the contest. She writes her name as Anjali Bharadwaj. Vikram coughs. The registrar says wait a minute. Who is he? Vikram says I.. Anjali says he is my friend. Anjali says he came to support. We are best friends.
Piyush gets call from Vadhai. He says I am coming. Roshni stands in his way. He says let me. Roshni says she is spawning a web for you. I won’t let her fool you. Piyush shoves Roshni. She falls on a vase. Mataji picks her up. Her hand bleeds. Mata ji says its bleeding. Mataji says Piyush what is your way? Piyush says she was not letting me go. Mataji says where were you going? He says I am going to Vadahi. She is not well. She needs me. Mataji says your wife needs you more. your family needs you more. You have forgotten everything in front of vadahi. You won’t go to her house anymore. Got it? Piyush says no. I will. He leaves. Mataji says stop. Roshni says let him go mataji, He can’t understand. Vadahi is using him. Mataji says don’t worry. God will fix everything.

Scene 3
its results days. Anjali says so many girls filled the form. Saroj says you are one in a million. You will be selected. The phone rings. Vikram picks up. He says okay thank you. Anjali says who was it? Vikram says yes it were them. Anjali says what did they say? He says they said you are selected. Anjali is very happy. She hugs him. Vikram says very good.


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Piyush comes home with Vadahi. Mataji says stop there. You can’t bring her here. Piyush says you said I can’t go there so I brought her here. And if anyone doesn’t like that they can leave this house. Mataji slaps him.

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