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Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Anjali has called the women from women empowerment. She says these people have given all my right to this tanvi. See the necklace its mine. It was given to her as well. They do this injustice with me. She has taken my husband as well. He doesn’t love me. This tanvi has taken everything from. I beg you to help me. Please help me. I will kill myself otherwise.

Roshni says I made this budget list. We can control this. Piyush says yes we should all try. Sankalp says we can postpone our gym membership as well. Sattu says we should all go in one car to office.
Roshni says there are 2 lacs in the locker. We should deposit 50k in bank and manage in 1.5 lacs. Ananiya says but there are not 2 lacs in the locker. Ma needed 50k so I had to give it to her. Mataji says why pari?

We are all reducing expenses and you are spending like this? Pari says so what? I needed it. Is roshni our lord that we will do what she says? Mataji says you could have asked. This is why I was no ready to give annaiya keys this early. We can’t blame her. SHe is new in this house. WHen old people can’t mingle then how can we blame her. Ananiya says in heart why is mummy ji not telling everyone the reason? Mataji says what will we do now? Ananiya says you are right. I shouldn’t have these keys. roshni should have them. Pari says you won’t give them to roshni. These were given to you and will stay with you. Roshni says yes you should keep them. Annaiya goes to her room.

Scene 2
Vikram says she is lying. I didn’t do all this. The woman says you are calling her tears drama? Anjali says that is what they do to me. I had been tolerating but yesterday.. Look at these marks. This tanvi has hit me yesterday badly. The woman says is it right? Vikram says she came home drunk. She was misbehaving with everyone. ANjali says he is lying and why won’t he? Look at these marks on my hands. They have beaten me last night. Everyone is dazed. Vikram says anjali why are you lying. He says I don’t know how she got these scars. The woman says you are educating and hit your wife? You should be ashamed. You can sued and be jailed for this.

Scene 3
Roshni comes to Ananiya and says ma told us we are sisters. Ananiya says I was so scared. I can’t handle all this. All these responsibilities. I don’t know what to do. Roshni says don’t think too much. This happens with every girl. It took me a lot of time to understand this house and the people here. SImar ma taught me everything. You will learn too. Annaiya says how? If I didn’t give ma money she would be really mad. And I did so thats wrong with everyone else. Roshni sometimes we should think from heart. Don’t think about all this. Everyone here loves you. Do what your heart says. Ananiya says you sound like my elder sister. I hope we always stay like this, Roshni says we will. These keys are yours.

Tanvi says to women this is all her drama. Sanjev says this is not my son’s fault. I have always seen him crying. He coughs. Tanvi brings him water. Vikram says dad please calm down. Anjali says this is all their plan. They don’t want to see me in this house.
Tanvi sees glacerine in the kitchen. She brings water for sanjev. The women say are you brother? He says yes. I just wanna say that my son is not responsible for this. He didn’t do anything wrong. The women say we heard both sides and after what we saw here.. Tanvi says i want to show you something before you decide something. She tells them about the goons incident. Tanvi says that is her reality. She shows her the glacerine. Tanvi says even her tears are fake. The bruise marks are from this makeup. Anajali says no ma’am she is lying. Why would I do that. I don’t know where she brought all this from. Tanvi says I can prove that. She removes the fake bruise from her hand. Anjali says tanvi leave me. Tanvi says see. Everyone is dazed.
The women say her reality came in front when she stood here even when sanjev was not well. Anjali tried to take advantage of being a woman. We have decided that Mrs. Anjali should be divorced. Anjali is dazed.


Sasural Simar Ka 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ananiya is cooking. KB says for whom are you making it? Ananiya says roshni just came from office. Uma says she stays in AC and you work here in kitchen for her. KB says she is so clever. She will become the madam of this house and you will become the servant.

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