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Sasural Simar Ka 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Behrvi says soon you all will die in a blast. Till then I will leave. She goes out. Simar takes out the bomb and runs out. She goes out and the bomb blasts. Behrvi says amir see, That simar has died. Prem survived but Simar’ game is over. Everyone is worried and in tears. simar comes out of smoke. Everyone thanks God. Mataji says thank God you are fine. She hugs simar. Mataji says i thought we lost you. Simar syas I thought the same but God is here to protect us. Mataji saays we got our prem back to you. Piyush says lets take him home. Berhvi says the game isn’t over yet.

She takes out gun and says I will ruin your lives. I started this game and I will end this. Simar says what have we done? Berhvi says your prem has killed my husband. I will avenge that. Simar says prem can never do that. Behrvi says I know for sure. Simar or prem has to die so the other one lives alone. simar says kill me. Shoot now. LB shoves behrvi and the gun falls down. Behrvis says run.. They all run out. Sanju is left in the house. Behrvi shoots her but samir comes in front. He shoves her. The bullet only touched her arm.

Behrvi shoots sanju. Sanju falls down. Samir holds her. HE says open your eyes. Behrvi says samir are you okay? He says no. Enough not a sigle word more. He hugs samju and says I won’t let anything to you. I am with you. He picks her up and rushes to room. Behrvi says I won’t let this happen.

Mataji says thank you God for giving us our prem back. This is a hope that everything will get better. Prem and simar please do the arti together. Simar and Prem do the arti together.

Samir dresses Sanju’s wound. He says thank God the bullet only touched her arm. I won’t forgive myself. She opens her eyes. SAmir says are you okay? Please keep lying. He says let me bring water. He leaves. Behrvi comes in. She says samir is my son. He can’t worry for this sanju. How can you care for our enemy.
Mataji says Prem why are you so silent? Forget what she said. We know she is lying. We know you can never kill anyone. you can not even hurt anyone. He says this is right. I have murdered samir’s dad. Everyone is dazed.

Prem recalls it was raining dark that night. A man came in front of his car and his car hit him. He says I was scared. Behrvi came there and said you have killed my husband. I will ruin your family. Prem says no it was a dark night. The thugs kidnap Prem. He says after that day behrvi only kept me in a dark room. They locked me there for months. Mataji says it was not your mistake. Prem says I deserve this. Simar says not it was an accident. It wasn’t your mistake. You are not responsible for this. Mataji says she punished you for something you didn’t do. Prem says but my hands have blood of someone. I am a culprit and will always be.


Sasural Simar Ka 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Behrvi throws sanju out of house. SAmir holds her. Berhvi says this girl has fooled you.She is about to slap her. Samir comes in front and says no ma. Now I know what is right and what is wrong. Sanju is my wife and she will live here.

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