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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Piyush is taking Vadahi somewhere? She says where are you taking me? He says at the place where I can take care of you every moment. Where I can be with you all the time.
Roshni says to Simar I am doing everything to win Piyush’s heart. Please come back. Simar says don’t worry. Whatever happens don’t give up. I told you, you are the daughter in law of that house. You have to know the strength of that mangalsutra. Keep one thing in mind you don’t lose till you give up. Roshni says you are right. Simar says everyone is there with you. Don’t worry.

Piyush comes to Bharadwaj house with Vadahi. Everyone is dazed. Mataji says stop right there. Roshni comes downstairs. Mataji says how can you bring her here? Piyush says you said I can’t go there so I brought Vadahi here. She will live here from now on. Pari says now this was left to see. Rajhinder says this can’t happen. Piyush says why not? Vadahi will live here. Whoever doesn’t like that can leave this house. Mataji slaps Piyush. Mataji says I will not let you do something like this. Piyush says if she doesn’t live here then I will leave this house as well. He says lets go Vadahi. They are leaving. Roshni says stop Piyush. Roshni says by law I am your wife. And I know my rights and so do you. You have no right to be with another woman or you can even end up in jail. This is a kind of domestic violence. she shows her bruised hand says this is the proof as well. Vadahi say she is scaring you. ROshni says try me. Go the door is open. Go. Vadahi says lets go. Piyush says she can do this. VAdahi says she wont do anything. Piyush says I can’t take that risk. It will involve you as well. She will ruin your life and I won’t let that happen. He gives her keys and says for now you go from here. Vadahi leaves. Roshni says take your luaggage with you as well. There is no room for it in our house. Get lost.

Scene 2
Roshni stops Vadahi’s car door. She shuts the door. Vadahi says are you blind? Roshni says you are blind. You are burning fire of revenge you can’t see what path are you walking on. Stay away from my husband. Vadahi laughs. She says husband really? Roshni says you are laughing because he doesn’t love me. But I am still his wife. He still is my best friend and even after you provoking him he didn’t kill me. Your fire of hatred will die out. Vadhi says you are dreaming so much. Piyush didn’t come here because he still loves me. You challenged me. I will ruin your married live. I will take everything from you. You will cry for his love and care and he will always be on my side. Soon enough he will leave you. You are gonna regret one day. Vadahi sits in car and leaves.

Vadahi comes in and says to KB Piyush didn’t come with me. Why I am so mad. That roshni insulted me. I won’t leave her. She said I can never break her marriage. And Piyush he didn’t come with me. Kb says take water and calm down. You have to kill this slowly and poisonly. Roshni won but you didn’t lose. Keep in mind that you don’t lose till you give up.
Vadahi says what are you thinking? Khushi says this roshni trusts her friendship now see what she will see. she will fear the word freindship. Vadahi says how? KB says its holi. This time it will be a party.


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Mataji says its too late. Kb is there. SHe says please let us in. MAtaji says I don’t know whats in your evil mind. We don’t have any place for you in this house. Roshni is getting stuff for holi. Khushi’s thugs kidnap her.

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