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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

cene 1
A villager looks at Piyush and says this is what that man looked like. Everyone is dazed. The other village says but the shadow wasn’t of a human. That wasn’t human. It was a beast. He was so powerful. A human can never be that powerful. Aarav says what are you saying. By the time they reached there they would have just seen the shadow. In dark every shadow looks dangerous. Villager says that is what we saw. Aarav says we don’t believe that.
Anjali comes there taking selfies. Watchman says you can’t bring an animal here. Anjali says my ritchy takes shower with imported shampoos. Simar says anjali we are so worried already. don’t do this drama here. This is not your studio.
Anjali asks Roshni how is sumit? Roshni takes her to the ward. Simar gives the dog to the watch. The dog looks at Piyush and gets scared. Piyush says what happened to it. Simar is worried. Piyush says are you okay ma? She says yes. Piyush leaves.

Anjali says don’t cry Roshni. He will be fine. Everyone is here with you. If you need any help let me know. When I got to know about this I left my press conference and came here. Roshni says thanks. Anjali says I will get the best doctor with my contacts. This is very wrong. Who thought this happy environment will turn sad like this? What do you in your world say bad times. Vikram says Anjali shut up okay. What do you mean by their world? Anjali says I meant middle class people. Mataji says leave it Vikram. Her world has changed from us really. Anjali says so much drama.

Simar comes to temple and says is my fear right? Why do I feel like Piyush.. Did Piyush do all this? Mataji overhears this. She says simar what are you saying? Simar tells her everything. She tells her sumit came and showed her the papers. And that man died. Mataji gets scared. SImar says this is why I think whatever happened with Sumit.. The inside Piyush did that. MAtaji says no this can’t happen. Simar says only you can understand that. Because only we saw that time. Simar says Mataji we have to stay strong. Mataji says I thought we will never have to face this again. Mataji says I don’t wanna lost Piyush. Simar says I am scared too. But we have to face this situation. God is with us. He wont’ let anything wrong happen with us. Simar says we have to go home. We need to find out the truth.

Scene 2
Ananiya is crying. Ridhima says I asked you not to do this. Ridhima says I couldn’t wait all my life. I didn’t know Piyush would become a problem for our marriage. I would never get to marry him. Ridhima says don’t cry. You and Aarav will get married. Pari comes there. Ananiya’s mom says you here so late? Pari says I am here to return all this. This girl’s first step is so dark that she brought this accident with her. I can’t let her enter this house. I can’t let Aarav marry her. They are dazed. I am breaking this engagement. Ridhima says you have no right to say anything. There is nothing wrong with my sister but your house’s son. Pari says now you are blaming my son? I never liked Ananiya. I wanted a simple girl. We got to know on the engagement day what kind of girl she is. Ananiya says please don’t say his. Pari says I only came here to tell you that this can’t happen. Ananiya sits in her feet and says please aunty don’t do this. I can’t live without Aarav. pari leaves. Ananiya is crying and sobbing. Ridhima says don’t worry. They have the devil in their house and they are blaming you. Ananiya says I am sorry. You all got insulted because of me. But aarav is not like this. He really loves me. He won’t let this happen. He can’t forget me.
Ridhima hugs her and says we have no problem with Aarav. but her mom has no right do insult. When they realize who is behind all this they will repent.

Simar and Mataji comes home. Simar says where is Pari? KB says she went with you. Simar says no she left before. Uma says let me call her. Pari comes in. She says I went to Ananiya’s house. Aarav says at this hour? Pari says I have called your engagement off. Everyone is dazed. Mataji says are you mad? Pari says she is not good for our family. Aarav says what are you saying mom. Pari says she entered our house and this happened. She brought a bad news with her. Simar says but all this has nothing to do with Ananiya. Pari says enough. Aarav is my son. As his mother I have the right to decide. you better stay silent. Arav says but I can decide. I am goin to meet Ananiya. I don’t believe in all this. Pari says stop. Aarav leaves.


Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar says we have to find out if Kaal is in Piyush. Mataji says how? Simar says I will read that mantra. At 12 Piyush will turn into Kaal.

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