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Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anjali Introduces Sahil As Her Boyfriend


Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2017 Episode start With Anjali thinking to close the chapter of marriage before dealing with Sanjana and Roshni. Pari asks if she got shock. Anjali says no and asks her to see pics. Anjali calls Sahil and asks where is he? He says he is going to his village in half an hour. Anjali asks him to come to her house and act to be her boyfriend till her family forgets about getting her married. Sahil agrees and asks for money. Anjali says she will pay him double and the money will be transferred in his account in 10 mins. She praises her intelligence. Anjali comes down and thinks she will ruin Sanjana andRoshni’s plans. Simar says we have chosen a guy for you. Mata ji asks her to see the pic. Roshni takes the pic before Anjali could see and asks them to know Anjali’s preference first. Mata ji asks Anjali to say. Anjali says she wants to tell them something and says she can’t marry guy of their choice. Prem asks why?

Anjali says she loves someone. Mata ji asks when did this happen. Anjali says she met him few days back and have a good bonding and friendship. She says she thought to make him meet all of you. Piyush says Maa and Dadi are wasting Pandit ji’s time. Simar says it is good and asks her to call him. Anjali says I have called him. Sahil comes there and calls her name. Everyone looks at him. Roshni and Sanjana are shocked. Anjali tells everyone that this is Sahil and introduces him to everyone. Mata ji says this is a miracle and asks Roshni to show pic to Anjali. Roshni shows pic to Anjali. Sanjana and Roshni smiles.

Mata ji says we have chosen this guy only and this is God’s miracle. Roshni asks him to sit. Anjali thinks Sahil is with Sanjana and Roshni. Prem asks Sahil about his business. He says he has a business of trading and tells that he is an orphan. Simar says we all are your family. Prem says he likes her choice. Mata ji says even she likes him. Roshni says they shall get them engaged tomorrow. Prem says tomorrow. Piyush says he will make the arrangements. Mata ji asks them to take God’s blessings together. They say jai mata di. Mata ji blesses them. Roshni says lets have food and says today she has made kheer also. Anjali stops Sahil and asks if he betrayed her. Sahil says he is brinjal in the plate and says he gets flowed with money.

Anjali calls him poor beggar and asks him to see what she can do. She goes to her room and searches for some papers. She thinks where it was? Roshni and Sanjana come there and show the papers. Sanjana says you had Sahil’s proof which we have now. She tears the papers and says sorry, we had it. Roshni says you will be punished now and asks her what she will tell to family about Sahil. She raises her hand on Roshni. Sanjana stops her hand and says Sahil knows entire truth of resort and if he tells truth to Sameer, then what he will do, just think. Anjali gets tensed.

Simar and Prem show the engagement rings to Mata ji. Mata ji says she is feeling relieved now as Anjali is getting married again. Prem says happiness will come in her life. Sanjana feels bad and is about to tell them. Roshni comes there and takes Sanjana to inhouse temple and reminds her not to get emotional and ruin their plan. Sanjana says it is not good to keep them in dark. Roshni says it is written in Gita and says they have to take all means to expose Anjali and says tomorrow she will confess all the truth.


Sasural Simar Ka 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mata ji and others wait for Sahil to come. Anjali gets him kidnapped and watches him on her phone. Roshni snatches phone from her hand and runs to show to Mata ji. Mata ji is shocked. Anjali gets tensed. Sanjana smiles.

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