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Sasural Simar Ka 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ananaiya is cooking. Roshni comes in and says I know you are mad at me but I didn’t want to hurt you. Ananiya says its okay. Roshni says what to make in breakfast? Ananiya says mataji asked to make parathas. Roshni says but we have to make dishes for Vikram’s family as well. Roshni says we will make it together. Piyush calls Roshni and asks her to come to office urgently. Ananiya go I will manage. Roshni says I really feel bad to go but I don’t have another option. KB says to Pari your daughter in law has to do all the work. Pari comes in and says ananiay she left you alone to work today as well?
Look at what they have done to my daughter. I am with you ananiya. You don’t have to do all this overwork.

Scene 2
Anjali wakes up. Her head hurts. She says its too. I had been sleeping. She says raju make a strong coffee. He brings her coffee. Anjali throws it away and says it is so tasteless. He says then make one yourself. I don’t want to work here anymore. You have no manners. Anjali says how dare you talk to me like this. He throws something at her. Raju says this is why your husband left you as well. You are mental.

Saroj says mataji where are Piyush and roshni? She says they went to office. Arav is leaving as well. Mataji says you all slept well? Vikram says yes yes. Pari comes and says all the work has been thrown on roshni. Is she a maid here? Roshni madam leaves for office. And you brought four more people as well. We can’t stay quite anymore. You have made ananiya servant. Arav says mama you can’t talk like this. If ananiya has any problem we can solve this. Pari says you go to office. THis is women’s matter. Pari says Tanvi you were servant of Anjali’s house? Why don’t you work here then? Vikram says please I am sorry. Tanvi is not servant. She is dad’s caretaker. Pari says its the same thing anyway. Mataji says enough pari. Pari says if they live here they should work as well. Mataji says you have no shame. Tanvi says Pari aunt is right. Ananiya has to do all the work. I should help her in the kitchen. Saroj goes upstairs. Mataji says you have no shame. Vikram is our son in law. Pari says there is nothing between vikram and anjali. Then why are we doing this drama? Mataji says enough. Don’t ever say that again. Don’t forget that even today I am the decision taker of this house. Not anyone else.

Vikram comes to tanvi and says I am sorry you have tolerate all this. you tolerated there too and here as well. Tanvi says please sir I am doing this for you. I want everything to be okay in your life.

Scene 3
Anajli shops and comes back home. She says shopping is the best therapy. She says Raju serve the food. She realizes he has gone as well. She wears her dresses and checks them. Anjali sees Vikram in the mirror and says you came.. You like this dress? She is imagining him. He says I gifted you same colored sari. she says stay here I will show you all my dresses. She realizes she was imagining.

Roshni says on call thank God mom you and sanju are coming back.
Virkam looks at his wedding photos. Anjali calls him. Its a video call. Anjali says my foot Vikram please come. It really hurts. I fell from stairs. He says don’t worry I am coming. Vikram rushes. He tells Tao ji. Saroj says I dont’ wanna stop you. She does these dramas. Vikram says no she was hurt. I have to go. He leaves.

Vikram comes home and says Anjali where are you? He goes upstairs. Anjali laughs. Vikram is dazed. He says you lied again? She says you are so stupid. No matter how much you do this drama you really care for me. Vikram looks at her angrily and shoves her. If says even if there was an animal I would come to help. You don’t even deserve humanity. Anjali says no you came because you love me. stop lying to yourself. You are an emotional fool. You tought I can’t live without you. I am so happy see. I won’t regret. Vikram says you can never change. This is not your fault. Its mine that I trust. this is your real face. THis is your fake world. Stay here. Do what you want. Listen one thing after today don’t ever dare calling me. I am sick of being an emotional fool. He leaves.


Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar says to vikram did anjali change? Vikram says she doesn’t need me. Simar says I saw love for you in her eyes. I know she will realize her mistake.