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Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2017 video watch online on

Scene 1
Piyush calls Vaidehi but she doesnt take his call, he says she must be angry on me but she doesnt understand that i couldnt be with her in that situation. Roshini comes there and Piyush strikes her with mistakenly, he says you showed your reality today, you always played foul, what you did today, it proved that you can never change, you can stoop to any level, you can hurt anyone to keep me trapped and you know what? i feel disgusted by you, i feel like you are filthy, he leaves. Roshini says i did everything to save my family from Vaidehi’s tricks and i will do it again and again. Mataji hears all this and looks on.
Mataji calls Simar and says i see your shadow in Roshini, she handled everything but you should comeback, Piyush cant see anyone infront of Vaidehi, Simar says i will comeback soon(Simar’s face is not shown). Mataji says only Simar can handle Piyush now.
Saroj thinks that if i keep acting sweetly with Anjali then she might doubt me so i have to become strict. She sees Anjali and asks her to have breakfast, Anjali says i am late, i have to leave, Saroj says you have to do breakfast. Vikram comes there and says you cant leave without breakfast, Saroj is asking you with love so eat them. Anjali sits to have breafkast, she says these are oily parathas, i cant eat them, Saroj says it will not affect you, eat it, Anjali thinks that she cant see me successful if Vikram was not here then.. Anjali starts eating but says i will eat it on my way, she takes paratha, Vikram says do eat it, she says okay and leaves.
Mataji is preparing for function. She comes out of house and sees Khushi standing there and smirking at her, Mataji is shocked to see her. Bhabhi says to Pari that Khushi has come? Mataji asks what are you doing here Khushi? Khushi folds her hands and bends down to touch MAtaji’s feet but Mataji moves away from her and doesnt bless her, Khush looks at home keys hanging to Mataji’s saree and thinks that this oldie got keys back, she says to Mataji that i have heard even enemies forget fights on Holi and i am your Khushi. Sankalp comes there and says you here? Khushi says did your forget your wife? he says you dont let us forget you. Khushi says let me come inside house then we will talk, she is about to enter house but Mataji stops her and says i knew you are ilmannered but you are shameless too, the way Simar threw you out of house after insulting, any respectful woman would never comeback. Khushi thinks that i should start doing drama, Khushi says i came to celebrate holi with family, i will do preparations with family. Mataji says we will handle it, we have Simar’s daughter in law, i know you are planning something but forget it, till Simar doesnt forgive you herself you cant enter this Bharadwaj house ever. Mataji goes in house and closes door house on Khushi’s face. Khushi scowls, she sees her hand pront on wall which she applied when she was thrown out of house and she has promised to comeback from revenge, Khushi says i cant forget what i am thinking, its okay if i am not in house but i will fulfill my mission even if i am out of house, this time will bring hell in this house that next time this bharadwaj family will shiver even thinking about holi.

Scene 2
Girls are waiting in waiting area of beauty contest, one girl says to other that i have heard Miss lily and her mother are strict who are owner of this competition. lily is watching all this on CCTV. One girl is dancing, other says hi to her, girl says i am Tina Malhotra and i am winner of this contest, other says you are so over confident? Tina says i was confident but when i saw you all, i became overconfident. lily comes there and claps at her, lily says to Tina that you are judge of this contest not participant? Tina says this is boring lecture, give it to others. Secretary says you know she is organizer Lily Oberoi, she owns this contest and i am lucky. Lily says darling there is thin line between confidence and over confidence, you take this your over confidence out of here or else i will throw you out, my mom started this competition and i have been raised in this environment so i can tell by seeing face who is loser and winner. She says to girls that you must have achieved a lot in life but here you all are zero, listen carefully that Lily Oberoi hate people who lie and the one who are late.
Anjali is driving car to reach to contest but her car stops working, she comes out of car and says it had to stop now? i am late, i am late on day one.
Bhabhi says to Mataji that she is daughter in law of house, she has changed, we should forgive her. Mataji says i dont want to hear her name, stop taking her side, prepare for Holi, they leave. Roshini thinks that i should tell truth about Khushi but i have no proof against her and i will destroy holi mood of family too. Mataji asks what are you thinking Roshini? Roshini says nothing, i have prepared for Holi. Mataji says to Roshini that dont be sad about Khushi destroying happiness, Roshini says dont worry, i wont let anyone destroy this holi environment, Mataji blesses her.
in contest. Lily asks Tina to start introduction, Tina says Hi i am.. Lily says out.. next. Lily starts taking introduction from everyone. Secretary says only one girl hasnt come, Lily says she is Anjali Bharadwaj, remove her name from list. Anajli comes there huffing and says to Lily that i got little late, i am sorry. Lily says we choose 12girls only, this time we will have competition with 11girls only because you are not part of it now, Anjali is shocked to hear it.


Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshini gives list to trucker driver to bring things for Holi. Driver asks her to check in truck, Roshini goes to check in truck but driver puts chloroform on her mouth and she faints. Driver brings her to Khushi. Khushi makes Roshini lie under holika bonfire and covers her body with grass so nobody is able to see that Roshini is under bonfire and would burn it.

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