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Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Ananiya is crying. She recalls what Pari said. She recalls her moments with Aarav. Aarav comes and says Ananiya where are you? Ananiya says arav? She goes out running. Arav is about to hug her. Ridhima comes in between. She says go inside Ananiya. Aarav says please di mom said.. Ridhima says your mom accused my sister. Until your whole family apologizes you can’t meet her. Your mom broke this relationship and it will only fix until they apologize.

Pari says what magic she did on my son. He isn’t even listening. Aarav comes in. he says because of you Ridhima didn’t let me even talk to her. You have no right to ruin my life like this mom. Enough is enough. What you did is wrong. He goes up. Mataji says you have broken his heart. Pari goes to her room. Mataji says we will solve this tomorrow.
Simar says to Mataji I am very scared after what villagers said. Simar says remember that mantra that pandit told us. We have to find out if Piyush is kaal or not. Mataji says but that can be dangerous. Simar says I will do it tonight anyway. Mataji says if there is kaal in him he can do anything. Simar says I know but I have to do this for Piyush. Mataji says I will come with you. Simar says I can’t risk your life. God is with me. God will protect me.

Scene 2
A man comes to Anajli’s house. She is asleep. Watchman tries to stop him. Anjali comes downstairs and sees that its Sam. Sam says how dare you take my name? What is your worth? Anjali says shut up. Saroj and Toa ji come out. Mind your language. Sam or what? you dont’ know who I am. I will ruin your life. You are finished. Vikram comes downstairs and slaps him. Sam hits him back but vikram beats him. He says don’t ever be seen near this house. He shoves her out.
Saroj says this was left to see? This house is not for respected people anymore. Anjalu says that happened in my house not yours.

Scene 3
Roshni says to simar on call I don’t know how will papa recover. Simar says don’t worry I will find the one who did it. Take care. I will meet you in morning. Its 12. Mataji says we will find another way. Simar says no it would get tooo late.
Simar goes to Piyush’s room and wakes him up. He says ma is everything okay? Simar says come with me.
Ridhima says oh no. Simar is trying to find out the truth.
Simar says you have to go through this test. Come with me. Piyush says what you mean. Piyush says what is all this mom?Simar says just do as I say? Piyush says you are doing this because you think I am Kaal? Simar says just do as I say. Till I do pooja sit in this circle. If there are wrong powers around you, the candle flame will turn towards you. Can you sit here till I do pooja? Piyush sits. Simar starts the mantra. Simar starts reading the mantra. Mataji says I hope everything goes fine.
Ridhima says what are you doing di? Ridhima says simar aunty is trying to find if Piyush is kaal. Ananiya syas thats good she should know. Ridhima says no. If she completes that mantra tonight can be her last night.
Simar keeps doing the pooja. Piyush sits there and waits. suddenly he gets a shock and Kaal comes in him. He looks at the sky. His eyes turn red. Simar has her back towards him.


Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Ridhima says I have to stop Simar’s pooja.
Othewise Piyush can kill her. Piyush tries to strangle simar but hand can’t move.

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