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Sasural Simar Ka 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Uma says to Behrvi you showed sanju her worth. Pari says you did right. Kb is sneaking out. Behrvi says where are you going? Come here. KB sits in her feet. She says I am sorry. I will do as you say but please don’t kick me out. Behrvi says I want to punish you. Stay here but you will be uma and pari’s servant. You will do what they ask. KB says as you say.

Scene 2
Roshni gives everyone tea. Mataji says are yous worried roshni? She says I was thinking about behrvi. She will fire back. She will avenge her defeat. Piyush says yes. Mataji says its not samir’s fault. His mom never taught him right.
Sanju tells her how samir stopped her from going. She says behrvi will do something. She knows we would do something to get our house back. We will face her together. Simar says you are right.

Samir is sitting in his room. He recalls burning Sanju’s hand. He recalls insulting her and giving her poison. He breaks stuff and says how could I do this. she did so much for me. I hurt her so much. I hate myself. I tortured her with these hands. He hits his hand on mirror. It bleeds. Behrvi stops him and says are you mad. He says yes I am mad. I can’t live without sanju. I want her pardon. She says you wouldd ask for her pardon? SAmir says we did so wrong with her. You asked me to torture her. I did. She trusted me. I broke her trust. I always hurt her. She loved me and I only gave her torture. I will beg her to ask for forgiveness. I can’t live without her. This life is empty without her. I am going to bring her back.
Behrvvi says stop samir. He doesn’t stop. Behrvi says for me stop. If you go you will see my dead face. He says you can’t stop me. She says I will kill myself if you go. She says you know you are my one and only. I can never hurt you. I can’t see you like this. If you want her back I will bring her back. Samir looks at her. Behvi says in 24 hours she will be here. Samir hugs her and says thank you ma. I love you. Behrvi says your mom will fix everything.

Scene 3
Prem is upset. Simar says let me massage your head. Prem recalls the accident. Simar says stop thinking about it. He says someone died because of me. A woman’s huband isn’t in world because of me. Simar says you didn’t do it intentionally. I am always with you. He says your love kept me alive. Because of radha everyone was against me. SSimar says but she is your daughter. Prem says no she sin’t my daughter. Behrvi forced me write all this. Simar hugs him. She syas i knw this. Simar says we will keep her here always. Prem hugs her.

Next morning, Behrvi says what should I do now. How will I bring sanju back. She wont’ agree. I have to be very careful.
She comes to samir’s room and says don’t be upset. I will fulfill my promise and bring sanjy back. Here is she. Sanju comes in. Samir gets up and hugs her. He says your forgave me. He realizes he was dreaming all this. Samir sits there crying. he says please come back sanju. He cries.

Mataji does arti. Mataji says ask prem to come out. Simar says he is asleep. Mataji says let him rest. Prem comes out. Maataji says going somewhere? he says yes police stattion. To surrender.


Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Behrvi texts Sanju from Kb’s phone and asks her to come to the back of the house.

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