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Sasural Simar Ka 5th April 2017 Written Episode


Sasural Simar Ka 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 5th April 2017 video watch online HD on

Scene 1
Simar says no one will tell about Roshni. My decision is final. If you all really care about Piyush I will leave this house with Roshni. Amar says don’t say that. Piyush calls amar, he cuts the call. Piyush calls pari and then one by one everyone. They all cut his call. Piyush says why are they not picking my call? how can I leave Roshni. What I have done with her is a sin. I can’t sit in peace. No one is telling me how she is.

Anjali asks Simar for money. She says I need money for lip surgery. Simar says you don’t need it. We can’t waste money on stupid things. Beauty is inside. These surgeries ruin faces. Anjali says I am asking for little amount only, Simar says this is not little amount. What way are you on? Anjali says please ma. Tell me if you are gonna give me this amount or not? SImar says I would have if you actually had a problem. I can’t help you for this stupidity. Anjali says fine. Thats the difference between you and dad. He won’t even ask what I am asking money for. She leaves.

Scene 2
KB calls sankalp and coughs. She says even if I die please bury me like a bride and from Bharadwaj house. He says why are you saying that? Are you okay? She says I am going to temple. I can beg there. She hangs up. Sankalp gets worried for her.
Sankalp comes downstairs. Mataji says why you look so worried? He says KB is out of jail. Mataji says this her new game? Sankalp says but she is not well. I can’t trust her either. I went to her place she lives in a small camp. Its a very dirty place. I don’t this she is playing another game. I feel like she has changed.

Scene 3
At night, someone enters the house and walks towards Roshni’s room. Its Piyush. She says you.. He says keep lying. Roshni says if ma sees you she will be really mad. I don’t know how to convince her. Piyush says I have really hurt you. Please forgive me. I know that I don’t deserve your pardon but I wanted to say all this. I am really sorry. Roshni says I forgave you the moment you took me to the hospital. Simar is overhearing them. Piyush says I feel a lot better after listening that.

Piyush covers Roshni with sheets. He caresses her face. Piyush falls asleep sitting next to her holding her hand. He wakes up next morning and says I have to go from here before ma comes. Simar stops him. Simar says I asked you not come here. How dare you come in her room. Roshni says he came here to apologize. Simar says he can’t apologize after what he did. We don’t have a room for him in this house. She drags him outside the house. Roshni tries to get up. Mataji asks her not to move. Roshni says Piyush regrets please tell mom. Mataji says I will talk to her don’t worry but you just rest here.
Piyush says ma I only came to see if she is okay. Simar shoves him out of the house. Simar says don’t ever come here. she locks the door. Simar says I told you all Piyush wont’ come in this house.
Pari says what is happening in this house. I thought I will give you all a good news but the mood is ruined. Rajhinder says what good news? Pari says guess who is coming. Shalu says who? Pari says our son Arav is coming. Everyone is happy. Shalu says why didn’t you tell us before. Uma says thats a very good news. Pari says I was so happy to see him. but the environment of house.. Simar says he is coming and we will celebrate that. I will make his favorite sweets.


Sasural Simar Ka 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vikram sees money in Anjali’s bag. He says where did you get this from? She says sam gave me for my surgery. Vikram says are you out of your mind? She says yes you stay out of it. You ruined my career once before.Simar says I have decided someone will come back to this house. She says come in sankalp. Sankalp and Khushi walk in.

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