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Sasural Simar Ka 5th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Simar says with time it is almost proved that Anjali has all the qualities you want to see in her. Anyone can change. This is your triumph. I made her own house her in laws. I tested her more than you. This all because of you.
The ceremony starts. Anjali gives vikram juice. He holds her hand. Saroj sees them. She says in heart this girl is jher again. Saroj says VIkram I want to talk to you.
Munh dikhai starts. Mataji takes off ghughat from Roshni’s face. She says our new daughter in law is so pretty. You all give her your blessings. SImar brings her gifts. SImar says this is our prayers for you. Roshni says thank you. Roshni says I promise you I will be up to the teachings you gave me. I will handle this house just like you made it.
Simar makes her wear the locket she brought for her. Sumit says you have changed our roshni already. A girl says you are so lucky you have a mother in law like simar. Rita says yes. Roshni this locket should have yours and Piyush’s photo. She opens it and says what.. It has Vadahi’s photo. Everyone is dazed. A girl says is she the same girl who half married Piyush. RIta recalls changing them. RIta says I know you did this to hurt Roshni. Everyone saw whats in your heart. You want her to feel that she took someone else’ place in this house. Simar says its not like that. Rita says you have not accepted her yet. You wanted to show her that she has no value in this house. ROshni says don’t make a fuss mom. Choti ma can never do this. In the circumstances I got married even after that I know the love everyone gave me here. Give me the locket back. Sumit says lets go. He takes Rita out. Simar says Roshni I got this made before. I dont know how it came here. I didn’t want to hurt you. Roshni gives her the locket back. She says I know its not your mistake, its mine. I got someone else’ spot. She goes to her room. A girl says this is a drama company.

Scene 2
Amar gives ANjali 25 lacs. He says you made a good decision. Today VIkram will be sure you have changed. Simar says Anjali always be like this. ANjali says dad chachu don’t tell vikram. It will be a surprise.
Saroj overhears and says I have to do something. If Vikram gets close to me he will go away from me. I know what to do next. I know your weaknesses anajli.

Anajli calls a dealer. She says ANjali wanted to buy a house few months ago? He says yes. She says something to him. He says it will be done don’t worry.
Anjali gets a call from the dealer. He says you were looking for a flat. She says I don’t want it now. He says please listen the deal now. The flat that was for 50 lac is now 2 lac. Anjali says I will call your back.
Anjali takes out the booklet and says this flat is being sold for 25 lac. I didn’t have money back then. But I have money today. I can buy this flat and we can shift there. But papa’s treatment. That can be done later. This flat won’t be sold for this rate again. we will work something out.
Saroj and tao ji are overhearing. Saroj says see you thought she has changed. She is the most selfish person ever. I will never let her go close to Vikram. Tao ji says this is not right. She is trying to change.
Anajli calls the dealer and says I am coming. He says okay I am waiting.
Anjali goes towards the estate agent. She sees a poor family on the footpath. The wife is taking care of her husband. SHe recalls the moment she has spent with Vikram. SHe goes back towards home.
Saroj calls the dealer and says anjali didn’t come? Call her and asks where she is?
Simar says to Piyush talk to Roshni please she was very upset.
Simar says where is anajli I should talk to her. Saroj says are you looking for anjali? She was going towards terrace. Saroj says today everyone will know anjali is selfish and we will get rid of her. Simar says she isn’t at terrace. Saroj says look in sanjev’s room.
Saroj calls dealer. He says yes.
The dealer says to anjali just sign the papers and you will own the flat.

Sasural Simar Ka 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap-

Saroj says I told you she can never change. She went to broker to buy the flat from the amount with which she could get sanjev treated. Simar says let her speak please. ANjali is crying.

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