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Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Roshni says mataji I cleaned the room. Mataji says Sanju doesn’t like dust at all. Roshni says I found this picture. Its of Anjali and Sanju. Mataji says they really loved each other. She tells them their stories. KB says sees pari how roshni came for Simar and Sanju. Pari says Simar is coming back. uma says yes to increase our problems.

Saroj says to Vikram I told you she is doing a drama. Vikram says we will talk about this later. Simar comes in and says we are here mataji. Mataji says where is Sanjina? Simar says sanju come in. She comes in. Mataji welcomes them. Mataji says you have grown up. I was craving to see you. Mataji says come in Sanjina. Meet Ananiya and Roshni. Sanju hugs them. Pari says sanju you came from London? Doesn’t look from your attire. KB says even girls in Dehli wear better clothes than this. Mataji says don’t listen to them. I am so proud of you. But you look so weak. You didn’t take care of yourself there? you were so talkative. Why are you so silent now? Sanju says there is not such thing. Simar says she had been studying. She wasn’t taking care of her diet. Now she is home everything would be fine.

Mataji says Ananiya will you take care of her? SHe says yes. Pari says another person is here now wow. Mataji says ananiya take her to home. Pari says this house looks more like an asylum. Mataji says have some control on your mouth. Pari goes to her room. Simar says why was pari talking like this? Mataji says don’t worry about all this.

Ananiya brings Sanju to her room. Anniya says if you need anything do let me know. I brought all the london shampos and soaps in your washroom. It will take time to adjust. There is a difference between life there and here. Thank God you are here I can talk about London to someone. Okay you rest we will talk later. Ananiya leaves.
Simar hugs sanju. Sanju is cryin. Mataji says forget what happened and start a new. But I am here with you. You don’t have to worry about anything. You are home now.

Scene 2
Anjali comes to kitchen to cook something. She makes noodles and eats them. Anjai googles how to spend time when you are alone. She calls on random numbers and teases people.
Anjali calls a guy. He says who is this? Anjali says I just called on a random number. He says i think its my lucky day. She says what you do? He says my dad owns a business. He talks to her for a long time.

Vikram is on his bed. He recalls what anjali did with him. Simar comes in. Simar says I can understand your problem. Vikrma says I left that house but even after that she didn’t change. She doesn’t need me. Simar says she never knew relationships except the one with you. I have seen love for you in her eyes. I am sure she will realize her mistake. You have to stay strong.


Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali gets a text from that guy.I wanna see you. I am outside your house. He is outside the house. Anjali locks the doors.