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Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2017 Video Watch Online on 

Scene 1
Anjali meets the manager. She says we choose 12 girls each year. This time it will be with 11 girls only. She is leaving. Anjali please listen. Anjali says I am sorry. She says but I am not. I have decided. Anjali says there was an accident. The was in critical condition. I had to take him to hospital that is why I got late. She says oh really? Miss Obroye calls City hospital and asks there was an accident a man was brought who brought him? She says a girl brought that guy. Neeli Obroye says if you had lied you would have been black listed in every competition. Anjali says but you have cross checked. Neeli says get her the form. Neeli says the best will win the competition and its not easy. So if you are someone who wastes time there is no room for them. Understand? All the girls say yes.

Roshni is checking stuff the contractors have bought. They kidnap her and put her in the truck.
Anjali is worried. Vikram says what happened? Anjali says my first day could be my last. That neeli obroye is a Hitler. She is very strict. Vikram says don’t worry. Don’t be late. Anjali says that’s not the tension. She hates lies, if she gets to know she will ruin my career. I am really scared. Vikram says nothing would happen. I am here with you. Just keep calm and smile.
Anjali us leaving. Saroj says fill your hairline after the competition please. Anjali says you are right. Saroj says mangalsutra as well. Its holi.

Jhanvi says to Mataji I think Roshni went to see the holi arrangements. Mataji says but she didn’t tell anyone. Jhanvi says its her first holi here. Pari says let me call her. Pari says her phone is off. Mataji asks Piyush have you seen roshni? He says no and leaves. Mataji says I hope she is at the ground. Get ready and reach there.

KB says on call very good. Vadahi says what happened? KB says its a surprise. I will tell you but not now.
Everyone comes to holi venue. Mataji says Roshni is nowhere. Pari says I looked everywhere. Jhanvi says her phone is off. Uma says what if she went home. The contractor asks Mataji for his payment. Mataji says didn’t Roshni pay you? He says we didn’t meet her. Mataji pays them.
Vadhai and KB are looking at them. Vadhai says this was your surprise? We will celebrate with them? KB says my surprise is awesome. Do you see ROshni anywhere? Vadahi says no. KB says you won’t see her at all. She tells Vadahi she got Roshni kidnapped. And they hid her in the plants that would be burnt for holi. KB says when everyone will be laughing and dancing Roshni will be under these woods. Go and join. They shouldn’t know we are together. All the best.

Pari says all the guests are here but Roshni isn’t. Uma says she might come before holi dehan.
Piyush is near the woods. The kids come and says I will burn it. Piyush says no elders will. Don’t worry. Saroj Vikram and Anjali come as well.
Anjali says I need water. Please come with me. Rita and sumit come as well. they have Neeli obroye with them. Rita says she is our guest. Saroj says why I feel like I have seen you somewhere else. Rita says she is curator of biggest beauty competition. Saroj is dazed.
Anjali and Vikram come back. Anjali hides behind Vikram. She says she is Neeli obroye. What is she doing here. Lets go hide. she will see me. She will kick me out. He says relax.
Sumit says where is simar and prem? Mataji says they are still out of city. Rita says where is roshni? She didn’t come? Uma says she went home for something.

Anjali comes to house. She hides in a room. She says what if she sees me. Vikram says calm down. Take off Mangalsutra and remove sindur. She can’t remove it. Tao ji calls vikram and says come I want you both to meet someone. Anjali says no why. What should we do now.
Vikram and anajli come back to party. He hides her head with dupatta. He says she won’t see you don’t worry. I will handle tai ji.
A kid throws his ball inside the woods. They are going in. Piyush says don’t play here. What happened? The kid says my ball went inside. Piyush says I will bring it. He puts his hand inside the woods to find the ball. His hand is near Roshni’s head.

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