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Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Simar reads the mantra. Piyush becomes Kaal. He tries to move his hand to strangle simar but he can’t. Simar has her back against him. Ridhima is doing her pooja too. That is stopping Piyush. Piyush holds his head. Ridhima says her pooja is working. Piyush is getting more aggressive. He moves his neck.
Ridhima says I have to stop her. This all show that Piyush is Kaal. I have to stop Simar. Or he will kill his mom. Piyush tries to stand but he can’t.
Mataji says I hope Simar is well. Ridhima says I have to save Simar aunty. Piyush is constantly trying to move his hand to strangle simar. He can’t move his hand outside the circle. Ridhima continues her pooja. Mataji is praying too. The dia blows. Ridhima says now she won’t know that Piyush is Kaal. Simar turns back and sees Piyush normal. The dia is also normal. Simar is in tears.
Ridhima says thank God it worked. Simar says there is nothing wrong with my son. Piyush smiles. He says are you satisfied now? Simar says I know you don’t like all this. But this was important for your safety and Roshni’s too. She is so worried. He says its okay ma. He goes to sleep.

Ananiya says for how long will he hide this reality? Ridhima says for now no one should know about Piyush. We have to make Simar believe that whatever happened was not Piyush’s fault.
Simar tells mataji everything is okay. Mataji says thank God.. They all go to sleep.

Scene 2
Next day, Roshni is working in the kitchen. Simar says don’t worry everything will be fine.
Vikram comes to his room and shouts. She says what happened? He turns on the TV. Reporter talks about the FIR Anjali has filed a case against Sam. Anajli says brilliant. Thats superb news. Our police is so fast. I complained and they arrested him. Now he will rest in jail. Vikram says are you out of your mind? You are fueling the feud. I kicked him out. Why did you have to do this? You have become blind in your ego. I asked you not to get surgery. I asked you to stay away from sam but you didn’t. I asked you don’t take money from and now see where it all is? Anjali says so should I stay quite after everything he said? Should I do what he asked? He says are you mad? Were you intentions clean? No. Truth is that you enjoy controversies. You can’t spend a day without all this. Anjali says fine. So what? You dont’ have to worry. I will handle myself. I have no hope from you. She leaves. Vikram stops her. He says enough Anjali. i wont’ tolerate this anymore. No more defamation for my family. She leaves.

Scene 3
Sumit holds Roshni’s hand. Roshni says papa.. She says nurse please check him. He moves his hand. Rita says sumit.. doctor please check. Doctor checks him,. He says there is improvement. Roshni says you will be fine papa. Sumit tries to say something. Doctor says I think he is trying to say something. Sumit says simar.. Roshni says you wanna talk to simar mom? She is coming. Rita goes out to fill some forms.
Simar arrives at the hospital. Roshni calls Simar and says papa is conscious. He wants to talk to you about something. Simar says I am coming. Simar says what does he want to talk to me?

Piyush comes to Roshni and says where is aunt? She says she has gone to fill some formalities. Doctor says he is better. But one or two persons can meet him. Roshni says to simar he wanted to talk to you. Roshni and simar go in. Piyush waits outside. Kaal comes in him again.
Simar says to sumit what did you want to talk about? Who did this to you? Roshni says please pap say who did this. Sumit is trying to say.. but he can’t. Piyush is looking from the glass. SImar says can you write? They arrange a paper pen. Sumit tries to write. He sees Piyush and gets scared.


Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshni says papa please write. The windows turn on and s storm rages on.

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